happen (up)on (someone or something)

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happen (up)on (someone or something)

To find or encounter someone or something randomly or without planning or intent. I happened on a quaint new craft store the other day. I happened upon your brother yesterday in the grocery store.
See also: happen

happen (up)on someone or something

to come upon someone or something, as if by accident. (See also come (up)on someone or something.) I just happened upon a strange little man in the street who offered to sell me a watch. Andrew happened on a book that interested him, so he bought it.
See also: happen, on

happen on

or happen upon
To find or meet someone or something accidentally: She happened on a $10 bill that lay on the sidewalk. The detective happened upon a clue while searching the cabin.
See also: happen, on
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OIOm going to hang about and pretend I happened upon her,O he says OHave you ever seen me happen upon somebody?O He described the young star as, OGorgeous I just like the first girlfriend I had when I was 16.O