happen to

happen to someone or something

to befall someone or something; to occur to someone or something. What is going to happen to me? Something awful happened to your car.
See also: happen
References in classic literature ?
They all drew to the fire, Mother in the big chair with Beth at her feet, Meg and Amy perched on either arm of the chair, and Jo leaning on the back, where no one would see any sign of emotion if the letter should happen to be touching.
You would never want that to happen to your child, so why should people accept it when it happens to other people's children.
Things turn very serious when Rosalind becomes aware of two tragedies that will happen to her sisters.
What will happen to the European Constitution now that French and Dutch voters have rejected it?
T: Suppose that some of the other disciples followed along behind to see what would happen to Stephen.
Did the disciples have any expectation that resurrection was something that might happen to Jesus shortly after he died?
Dallaire takes our fingers and places them in Rwanda's wounds, so that we might know beyond any doubt what did happen, and so we might remember that the Rwanda genocide didn't just happen to Rwandans--it happened to all of us--and it is thus incumbent on us all to prevent it.
We really don't know what is going to happen to the audience of potential purchasers of these luxury units.
I thought of the episodes that were beginning to happen to me day in and day out.
Jacobs: Well, they've had some bad things happen to them.
They are obliged by law to provide charity care to those who don't have money; so there is a method in play for the extraordinary events that happen to a man.
Never, never, never assume that it can't or won't happen to you.
According to two astronomers speaking at this week's joint meeting of the American Astronomical Society and the Canadian Astronomical Society in Vancouver, British Columbia, two kinds of end-of-the-world catastrophes could happen to our Milky Way galaxy, and we probably wouldn't feel either, or even both combined.
But if you have a young thoroughbred, this can happen to you in the Most Exciting Two Minutes in Sports (With the Exception of Fred McGriff Legging Out a Double).