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do not spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar

proverb Do not ruin something simply to avoid some minor difficulty, inconvenience, or expense. "Ship" is thought to be a dialectical pronunciation of "sheep," and a "ha'porth" is a "halfpennyworth." Tar was used to protect sheep skin from flies (and thereby illness and death), so not having enough tar would contribute to the death of the sheep. You know your mom is going to be offended, so please call her before the dinner party—do not spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar.
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the haps

slang Happenings; events; goings-on. What's the haps these days? I've been out of town for a while.
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What's the haps?

slang What's happening? What's new? Used as an informal greeting. ("Haps" is a shortening of "happening.") Hey, Tony, what's the haps? Long time no see! What's the haps, everyone? You all have a good weekend?
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down with the haps

mod. knowing what’s happening; comfortable with what’s happening. (Streets.) Tell me what’s going on! I gotta be down with the haps.
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n. things that are happening; events. (Streets.) Come in and tell me the haps.
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The deal could increase HAP's Medicaid membership by as much as 9,000 members, most of which are in Wayne County.
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In all patients in the study admitted in MICU at Shifa International Hospital who were receiving or otherwise proton pump inhibitors as stress ulcer prophylaxis, tracheal cultures were followed on day 1 and day 2 and the spectrum of hospital acquired pneumonia (HAP) was defined.
Amsel said HAP has had several dozen StraightUp investments thus far and roughly 30 percent of the required equity belongs to individual investors.
After HAP, we observed a reduction in all-cause mortality incidence on all warning days during the post-HAP period, including days with any warning and days with yellow, orange, and red warnings, respectively.
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