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do not spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar

Do not ruin something for an avoidable reason. "Ship" is thought to be a dialectical pronunciation of "sheep," and a "ha'porth" is a "halfpennyworth." Tar was used to protect sheep skin from flies (and thereby illness and death), so not having enough tar would contribute to the death of the sheep. You know your mom is going to be offended, so please call her before the dinner party—do not spoil the ship for a ha'porth of tar.
See also: not, of, ship, spoil, tar

down with the haps

mod. knowing what’s happening; comfortable with what’s happening. (Streets.) Tell me what’s going on! I gotta be down with the haps.
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n. things that are happening; events. (Streets.) Come in and tell me the haps.
See also: hap
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The office is small, with Hap, an active-duty Air Force lieutenant colonel, two National Guard members and an intelligence officer on loan from the Air Force.
In order to comply with the slashing HAP emission limits, the facility may only use materials that individually meet the standard during each compliance period.
The Agenda 2020 program is already funding laboratory- and pilot-scale research into use of low temperature plasma technologies for treating VOCs and HAPs from facilities for wood products and pulp mills.
Miff," an out-of-breath Doolittle said as he entered Harmon's office, "I've just been to see Hap about that project I've been working on and said I wanted to lead the mission.
It had that faraway, magical look that always made Uncle Hap say, "Star light, Star bright,/ First star I see tonight,/ I wish I may, I wish I might,/ Have the wish I wish tonight.
Focuses on placing HAPs in the perspective of current and future broadband wireless communication systems, providing the readers with an overview of the constraints affecting HAP-based broadband communications
This is a win-win situation," said HAP President and CEO James Connelly.
The program under discussion is focused on purchase specifications in two main categories: 1) restricted metallic scrap would contain no auto shred, oil filters, oily turnings, lead Components, mercury switches, chlorinated plastics, or free organic liquids; and 2) general scrap, which can contain auto shred, but must be depleted of organics and HAP metals, must address mercury though specifications or certification that the scrap dealer participates in new EPA mercury switch removal program.
Terry, a sports chiropractor in Westlake Village, organized the first Hap Weyman Memorial Prostate Cancer Climb in 2001.
Beyond this, EPA is required under the Clean Air Act to establish requirements for "new" facilities such that these operations must limit their HAP emissions to a level which is at least equal to the best performing source within the industry sector.
As a pharmacy benefit management company, MedImpact supports the HAP goals of ensuring efficient, high-quality clinical care and satisfaction for our members," said Antonio Petitta, vice president, Pharmacy Care Management for Health Alliance Plan & Henry Ford Health System.
Selecting a Medicare plan can feel like a complicated process, but it doesn't have to be," said Mike Jakubic, Director of Medicare Sales and Operations at HAP.