hanker after

hanker after (something)

To have a very strong, persistent desire or craving for something. I've been hankering after sushi ever since I came back from Tokyo last month. The former heavyweight champion has been hankering after a chance to reclaim her title.
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hanker after someone or something

 and hanker for someone or something
Rur. to want someone or something; to long for someone or something. I hanker after a nice big beefsteak for dinner.
See also: after, hanker
References in classic literature ?
Some parents have entirely prohibited their children from tasting intoxicating liquors; but a parent's authority cannot last for ever; children are naturally prone to hanker after forbidden things; and a child, in such a case, would be likely to have a strong curiosity to taste, and try the effect of what has been so lauded and enjoyed by others, so strictly forbidden to himself - which curiosity would generally be gratified on the first convenient opportunity; and the restraint once broken, serious consequences might ensue.
I don't take to Sunday-school books, dontchuknow--I don't hanker after them when I can get pie--but I READ them, anyway, because whatever the old man tells me to do, that's the thing that I'm a-going to DO, or tear something, you know.
I don't know whether it is that I am built wrong, but I never did seem to hanker after tombstones myself.
If you hanker after something gently rolling, slightly to the folky side of country and understated in its melodic simplicity than you may get something pleasurable from the London trio.
And, despite her flourishing acting career, Billie has admitted she does still hanker after those days.
While most may hanker after their youth in the fifties, more than three-quarters say they would much rather be pensioners today than then.
While most people hanker after the new car smell, the reality is that the vast majority of the 27 million cars on the road are more likely to reek of fish, vomit and stale milk - made even worse with the hot weather bringing out the worst in any decomposing food lurking under the driver's seat.
Having tried various new perfumes I still hanker after teenage memories of my empty bottle and empty romance!" she wrote.