hang (up) (one's) hat

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hang (up) (one's) hat

To live somewhere; to take up residence. I'm originally from the East Coast, but I hang my hat in San Francisco these days. I've been traveling around the world for so long that it feels strange to finally have a place to hang up my hat.
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hang one's hat (up) (somewhere)

to take up residence somewhere. George loves Dallas. He's decided to buy a house and hang his hat up there. Bill moves from place to place and never hangs his hat up anywhere.
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hang your hat

be resident. North American informal
2001 Kevin Sampson Outlaws End of the day though it ain't the Royal and that is where I want to hang my hat.
See also: hang, hat
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Still, parties seeking to use predictive coding may try to hang their hats on the case, says William Gont, a shareholder at McAndrews, Held & Malloy.
When he's not out on the lonesome highway of "Thunderstorms and Neon Signs" (the title of his first album and best-known song), Hancock and his band hang their hats at the Continental Club in Austin, Texas.
Study after study is throwing up - at best - contradictory findings with little for the "pro GM" faction to hang their hats on.
Some teams in our conference can hang their hats on one package.
Establishing a Hall of Fame would not address the main issues uncovered by the racing review, but it would give the group members a success on which to hang their hats.
Physical fitness advocates finally have something to hang their hats on: A large-scale analysis released by the California Department of Education confirms that physically fit kids perform better academically.
No, of course they will not - they will find yet another daft peg to hang their hats upon.
The city's Institute of Contemporary Art will feature seventy-six artists who hang their hats in Greenpoint, Red Hook, and points between, including Nayland Blake, Kristin Lucas, and the dean of DUMBO himself, Vito Acconci.