hang (up) (one's) hat

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hang (up) (one's) hat

To live somewhere; to take up residence. I'm originally from the East Coast, but I hang my hat in San Francisco these days. I've been traveling around the world for so long that it feels strange to finally have a place to hang up my hat.
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hang one's hat (up) (somewhere)

to take up residence somewhere. George loves Dallas. He's decided to buy a house and hang his hat up there. Bill moves from place to place and never hangs his hat up anywhere.
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hang your hat

be resident. North American informal
2001 Kevin Sampson Outlaws End of the day though it ain't the Royal and that is where I want to hang my hat.
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There's usually something everyone can find during these trips to hang their hat on when we get back home.
Celebrating Qatar Airways' second Texas destination (Dallas/Fort Worth), the airline is asking US residents to submit an image or video of their favorite cowboy hat, with a creative reference to which of Qatar Airways' 144 destinations they would most like to "hang their hat."
When Newcastle are at it they are a better footballing team, and they must hang their hat on that.
But nobody knows what you mean when you say, Tm looking for a resourceful woman.1 If I tell somebody Pm looking for a woman who can get me out of a Third World prison, they start thinking Ross Perot--they have something they can hang their hat on!"
I wanted it to be a place where somebody could hang their hat and begin their career, continue their career, graduate their career and end their career after successfully making a lot of money." [NYT]
A Steve Taylor penalty and a well-conceived touchdown from full-back Gareth Williams gave Pooler something to hang their hat on until the hour mark, when Neath fly-half Gareth McCarthy landed a penalty.
BRADLEY DREDGE looks a man for spread players to hang their hat on for the European Masters at Crans-sur-Sierre this week - the Welshman is a former champion in solid form and it will come as a surprise if a sell of his finishing position at Sporting Index's mark of 41 does not yield a profit.
His partnership of 96 in 29 overs with Trott supplied the Bears' seamers with something to hang their hat on.
What is needed is a group of players Little and Brian Carey can hang their hat on with proven ability at this level.
"Evening viewing patterns change in Olympic months, and no one should hang their hat on them," said Larry Audas, general manager of KTHV-TV, Channel 11.
It's amazing that Boro are in a situation where they need to hang their hat on one so young to try to solve a crisis.
There is a basic philosophy that guides them and gives them something to "hang their hat on."
"Some teachers are always looking for something to hang their hat on for poor performance," Stewart says.
FORMER Newcastle captain Bob Moncur feels appointing Alan Shearer would "lift the whole of Tyneside" and finally give fans something to hang their hat on after a miserable summer so far.
"Last year it was pretty clear we were going to be up around the top of the table all year so there was something for the supporters to hang their hat on.