hang something

hang (something)

A phrase used when one is being dismissive of something. Primarily heard in UK. Oh, hang the cost—I just need any hotel room you have.
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ˈhang something

(British English, spoken) used to say that you are not going to worry about something: Oh, let’s get a taxi and hang the expense!
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The rationale is that for a person to hang something on his wall in the office for the world to see, it must hold a special place in his heart.
People, who want to help others, hang something such as a jacket, shirt, shawl or eatables in a shopping bag, on the Wall of Kindness.
Here's an idea of how to hang something you bought during your travels or from a flea market, like an interesting plate, artwork, etc.
Cyrus in full twerk and, as the saying goes, if you hang your chin out enough times, someone will hang something on it.
"If someone wants to hang something on our wall that's going to rip the paint off, where most people's answer would be no, we say it's not going to take us much time to repaint."
She got her answer when he asked her to help him hang something down the hall.
Only way to avoid them, expose as little of yourself as possible while changing, or if you see anything suspicious, hang something on it to block it.
If you use struts, you can hang something on the wall without hunting for studs, and you can screw shelf brackets and accessory hangers to the sides of them.
At the opening, each time an object was taken, De Loof rushed to hang something else in its place.
The Secure Logic Wall Vault insets into the wall flush enough you can hang something over it for a bit more security; framed art or a mirror, whatever.
"Universities are big umbrella-type institutions and if they can hang something off the umbrella and get funding that's what theywill do, whether it's of any use seems immaterial.
"The only walls that you have that you can actually hang something on are on the interior walls of the apartment" because each external wall is glass.
If you plan to hang something heavy from the tongue and groove, such as a bathroom basin, use wider battens for this and fix them to the wall at the points where you want to hang the basin, which should ensure you don't store up problems for later.
Think about poor old Al next time you hang something up in the closet.