hang over

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hang over (someone or something)

1. To be an imminent threat to or imposition on someone or something. I decided to do my essay now so it wouldn't be hanging over me all weekend. The consequences of the new legislation is hanging over companies across the country.
2. To cause someone continual stress, dread, or unease. Guilt over what happened has been hanging over me for years.
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hang something over someone or something

to suspend something over someone or something. Sally hung the colorful mobile over the baby's crib. Please hang these garlands over the party table.
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hang over someone or something

1. to be suspended over someone or something. A fancy crystal chandelier hung over us. An ornate ceiling fan hung over the table.
2. [for some pervading quality] to seem to hover over someone or something. An aura of gloom hung over foe. A dismal pall hung over the gathering.
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hang over someone('s head)

[for something unpleasant] to worry someone. I have a horrible exam hanging over my head. I hate to have medical problems hanging over me.
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hang over

1. Remain suspended or unsettled, as in They plan to let the vote hang over until the next session. This usage alludes to something suspended or floating in the air. [c. 1200]
2. Also, hang over one's head. Threaten or be imminent, as in I've got that test hanging over me, or A stiff fine is hanging over his head. [Mid-1500s] Also see hang by a thread.
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