hang (one's) head

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hang (one's) head

Literally, to lower one's head in shame or embarrassment. Don't hang your head over this loss—you ran an excellent race.
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hang one's head

Express shame or contrition. For example, No need to hang your head-you've done the best you can. [c. 1200]
See also: hang, head
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hang your head

If someone hangs their head, they look ashamed. Do not hang your heads, as we are all very proud of you. Note: People sometimes use the longer expression hang your head in shame. You should hang your head in shame for being so mean.
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hang your ˈhead (in/for ˈshame)

look or feel embarrassed or ashamed: When I think of how I behaved, I have to hang my head in shame.The thief hung his head as he was led away by the police. OPPOSITE: hold your head up (high)
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"There is no reason we should hang our heads. We played hard to get down here and it's a record-setting season.
"We have let the fans down, the last thing we want to do is go round waving when we feel like we should hang our heads in shame because performances have not been good enough."
On this planet God gave man dominion A big mistake in my opinion God's patience may finally snap And man may be obliterated off the face of the map We have only ourselves to blame We should justifiably hang our heads in shame The trust placed in us by God is unique And God does indeed weep by Jimmy Smith, Birkenhead
Chidambaram on Tuesday expressed his deep resentment over violence against women, saying "we should hang our heads in shame" for incidents like honour killings taking place in the country in the 21st century.
After last week's damning report we should all hang our heads in shame.
Today is both our 'Day of Tears,' as we hang our heads low in sorrow, and our 'Day of Jubilee" as we celebrate the legacy of our beloved Mrs.
When MTV dispatches a crew to cover genocide and NBC doesn't, then we in journalism need to hang our heads.--Nicholas D.
Except hang our heads that New Labour, who promised to be so clean, are so filthy.
Mr Moore said: "All we can do is hang our heads in shame, put our hands up to the mistake and apologise.
We should all hang our heads in shame that we allow this.
"We know what we can do and what we should have done, so we can only hang our heads in shame for what happened.
Until we manage to, we should all hang our heads in shame.