hang (up) (one's) hat

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hang (up) (one's) hat

To live somewhere; to take up residence. I'm originally from the East Coast, but I hang my hat in San Francisco these days. I've been traveling around the world for so long that it feels strange to finally have a place to hang up my hat.
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hang one's hat (up) (somewhere)

to take up residence somewhere. George loves Dallas. He's decided to buy a house and hang his hat up there. Bill moves from place to place and never hangs his hat up anywhere.
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hang your hat

be resident. North American informal
2001 Kevin Sampson Outlaws End of the day though it ain't the Royal and that is where I want to hang my hat.
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'We had multiple chances in taking the lead, and you know, we got to hang our hat because that's a tough team,' said Wright.
"We had been able to hang our hat on the defence (early in the season) but at that time we did not look as good as an attacking team.
We have some ideas, and some friends, but we need a place to hang our hat, so that we can continue with our work to educate about the natural gas pipeline, climate change, food literacy and more.
He said: "We can't hang our hat on excuses - what you can see in the 11 players we're trying to win games with is a sense of mental fatigue and maybe physical fatigue.
"It's nice to know that there is quality arriving but we don't just want to hang our hat on that.
"We hang our hat on two things: being technically correct and always appropriate."
We are starting over and we can't hang our hat on what we did last year."
A spokesman for Neath Port Talbot County Borough Council said, 'Unfortunately it was not run through the proper channels and it was not really the banner we wanted to hang our hat on.'
``The things we can hang our hat on are the performances against Germany and the Dutch being a little bit volatile at times.
"But the things we can hang our hat on are our good performances against Germany and the Dutch being a little bit volatile at times."Gemmill maintains memories of his mazy dance around three Dutch defenders in Mendoza 25 years ago must be put to one side ahead of the double header.
"The one thing that we hang our hat on is the full assortment of products that we believe customers can't find in most of our competitors," says divisional merchandise manager Bruce Schwallie.
For hypocrites like me, who don't believe in God, but are more than happy to take any holidays in his name, there is only Sky Sports to hang our hat on and as most of that was fat blokes throwing spears; there was precious little respite there.
"If we err, we like to err on the side of the taxpayer, but we need something to hang our hat on" Walsh said.
"Everybody knocks Nuneaton, but George Eliot and our success in Britain in Bloom are two things we can hang our hat on."The weekend began with a George Eliot Day at the Town Hall, with guest speakers talking about aspects of Middlemarch.
And, in any case, trying to hang our hat on a nil-nil result would be full of danger.