hang (one's) head

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hang (one's) head

Literally, to lower one's head in shame or embarrassment. Don't hang your head over this loss—you ran an excellent race.
See also: hang, head

hang one's head

Express shame or contrition. For example, No need to hang your head-you've done the best you can. [c. 1200]
See also: hang, head

hang your head

If someone hangs their head, they look ashamed. Do not hang your heads, as we are all very proud of you. Note: People sometimes use the longer expression hang your head in shame. You should hang your head in shame for being so mean.
See also: hang, head

hang your ˈhead (in/for ˈshame)

look or feel embarrassed or ashamed: When I think of how I behaved, I have to hang my head in shame.The thief hung his head as he was led away by the police. OPPOSITE: hold your head up (high)
See also: hang, head
References in classic literature ?
Madame Aubain, overwhelmed by recollections, would hang her head, while the children were afraid to open their mouths.
It was now Marie's turn to hang her head. "Then I must bid you adieu for ever," said she.
If she were to read this letter, she would be incapable of saying anything, she would only hang her head lower than ever."
Now, after resigning and being humiliated by her father who forced her to hang her head in shame in public, sales of macadamias have risen by 1,200 per cent.
This is gesture politics of the worst kind and Mary Hanafin should hang her head in shame.
KERRY Katona should hang her head in shame for stealing the boyfriend of a nurse who welcomed her into her home after she split up from Brian McFadden.