hang down

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hang down (from someone or something)

to be suspended from someone or something. Grasping vines hung down from the towering trees. Thousands of vines hung down.
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These can be very small and barely noticeable or hang down below the outer lips.
If you haphazardly toss the chock blocks behind the slat armor, the chains hang down and can get run over by the tires.
An oversized mechanical Captain Morgan, 2005, is enthroned within this scene, captured and bound by thick rope to a chair, his head cracked open to expose the electrical wires that make up his brain and now hang down along with his pirate tresses.
Now, Pierce's putty lobes permanently hang down to a length of about 2.
They look as though they fit in your ears and then hang down your back.
She put one around her neck and let the apron hang down.
Poison sumac has whitish berries that hang down, and it is kind of rare.
FERGIE let her hair hang down - and her skirt ride up - as she danced the night away in Rome.
Rollings of Kidderminster sent me a letter some time ago about looking for begonias that could be planted in the garden where the flowers don't hang down.
The roof slot is emphasised by similar graphite-painted muscular steel frames that hang down from it and are not quite clear in their purpose.
Therefore, another well-meaning person will put a spongy foam pad in the seat to pad their buttocks, raising their feet several inches off the floor and, since this wheelchairs foot pedals have been lost for months, their feet will hang down and not rest flat on a surface, so they will develop a plantar flexion contracture (foot drop).
Instead they have strips of baleen (buh-LEEN) that hang down from their upper jaws.
Two pulleys hang down from each of the three corners of this octahedron's top triangle -- the upper part of the Stewart Platform.