hang by

hang by (something)

To hang or dangle from something with something else (named after "by") serving as the only means of connection. You better go get your toolbox because that board is hanging by a nail. Look Mom, I can hang by one hand on the monkey bars!
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hang by something

1. to be suspended at the end of something, such as a rope, chain, string, etc. The bag is only hanging by a string. The food hung by a rope from a tree to protect it from the bears that wandered into camp now and then.
2. to dangle, suspended by some body part, such as thumbs, legs, etc. I was hanging by my legs on the exercise bar when the rain started. I can hang by just my middle fingers!
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To prevent this, bring the side seams together, then the center of it and gently pull, then hang by the bottom.
To hang a fitted sheet, I tuck one corner into another, fold it in half and hang by each end with the pockets (or corners) hanging down.
'Pirates of the Caribbean did not contain images that suggested it was possible to hang by the neck without consequences.