hang behind

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hang behind (someone or something)

to stay behind someone or something. Don't hang behind us, please. Come on up here and walk with us. Fred is hanging behind and may get lost at the next turn.
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Supply of Medical ear phones (to hang behind the ear).
Some of the finest examples will hang behind the bar to encourage customers to place an order.
Students Katy Evans said: "One of my biggest bugbears is that my bag has to hang behind me on my chair handles making its contents inaccessible for me and at risk of being stolen.
Photographs of him with former presidents at state dinners hang behind a walnut desk made in Greece.
Six other top-of-bed options hang behind the Jasper bed, and a small selection of shower curtains are near Manty.
Coloured lights glow behind the white curtains that hang behind the upstairs dining area, while booths line the sides of the downstairs bar.
A FRIEND volunteered to make drapes to hang behind the wardrobe doors, so Teresa bought some check fabric to match the wallpaper.
Rather than cutting class to hang behind 7-Eleven, be a weekend warrior.
"All he needs to do is hang behind Rubens and then Ferrari will repeat the instruction telling him to back off and let Michael through.
At Richardson's shop, hundreds of turquoise-and-silver necklaces, concha belts, and bracelets hang behind his desk.
And, in 1990, when President Bush wanted a portrait of an American hero to hang behind him as he spoke at an economic summit in Houston, Alexander Hamilton again got the job.