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come in handy

To be especially useful, often in a particular setting or situation. It was a lot colder out than I thought it would be, so your jacket really came in handy! That flashlight comes in handy when I'm trying to find something in my car at night.
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come in handy

[for something] to be useful. I think that this gadget will come in handy in the kitchen.
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come in handy

Be useful or convenient, as in This check will really come in handy. [Mid-1800s] Also see come in, def. 4.
See also: come, handy

ˌcome in ˈhandy/ˈuseful

(informal) be useful when needed: The money my aunt gave me will come in handy to pay for my music lessons.
See also: come, handy, useful
References in classic literature ?
These, however, were small drawbacks, and easily forgotten when the cloth was cleared, and the dessert put on the table; at which period of the entertainment the handy young man was discovered to be speechless.
Rose helped, and tried to be as handy as Phebe, though the peculiar style of table she had to set made it no easy task.
So she sent 'em along as they might come in handy for some child, sometime.
Raffles smeared vaseline upon the plated parts of his Beeston Humber before starting, and our dear landlady cosseted us both, and prayed we might see nothing of the nasty burglars, not denying as the reward would be very handy to them that got it, to say nothing of the honor and glory.
It was that handy invention, the electric torch, fitted by Raffles with a dark hood to fulfil the functions of a slide.
I could make you,' said Sloppy, surveying the room, 'I could make you a handy set of nests to lay the dolls in.
The Spaniards very readily heard what they had to say, which was this: that they were tired of living in the manner they did, and that they were not handy enough to make the necessaries they wanted, and that having no help, they found they should be starved; but if the Spaniards would give them leave to take one of the canoes which they came over in, and give them arms and ammunition proportioned to their defence, they would go over to the main, and seek their fortunes, and so deliver them from the trouble of supplying them with any other provisions.
It is true, the wives of the three were very handy and cleanly within doors; and having learned the English ways of dressing, and cooking from one of the other Englishmen, who, as I said, was a cook's mate on board the ship, they dressed their husbands' victuals very nicely and well; whereas the others could not be brought to understand it; but then the husband, who, as I say, had been cook's mate, did it himself.
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In a brief ruling sent on Thursday by e-mail, Coos County Circuit Judge Richard Barron denied a request by the county to order Handy to pay its attorney costs in the case, which went to a two-day trial earlier this year.
Available now, handy is the first-of-its-kind smartphone rental service in Greater China to offer unlimited phone calls, data and wireless internet services for inbound tourists.
Handy said the board has not met to discuss the court case yet, but it was scheduled to meet Wednesday, after The Banner went to press.
Handy noted that in mid-January, for example, a deployment and distribution operations center was set up in Kuwait and has greatly facilitated U.
Handy gave an example of MTMC's outstanding performance.
Fiona, 34, believes the terrifying assault could have been prevented if bosses had heeded her pleas to remove Handy from the plane.