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handsome is that handsome does

One's character is more important than one's physical attractiveness. Would you go out with my friend Doug? I know you don't think he's very good-looking, but he's just the nicest guy, and handsome is that handsome does.
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Handsome is as handsome does.

Prov. It is more important to treat people well than to be good-looking.; Just because you are good-looking does not mean you are a good person. Jill: I'd like to get to know George better. Jane: Why? Jill: He's so handsome. Jane: Handsome is as handsome does. He's a very unpleasant person.
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handsome is as handsome does

How one acts is more important than how one looks. For example, He may be homely, but he's the kindest man I've ever met-handsome is as handsome does. This expression already appeared in John Ray's 1670 collection of proverbs.
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handsome is as handsome does


pretty is as pretty does

You say handsome is as handsome does or pretty is as pretty does, to mean that you should judge someone by their actions and not by their appearance. Handsome is as handsome does, my mother and grandmother always said in order to prevent self-admiration. Yes, she's pretty — but pretty is as pretty does.
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handsome is as handsome does

character and behaviour are more important than good looks. proverb
In this particular form the proverb dates from the mid 17th century. When used of behaviour, handsome really means ‘chivalrous’ or ‘genteel’, though in this saying it is taken to refer to good looks. The original sense is made clear in the earlier version: goodly is he that goodly dooth .
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high, wide, and handsome

expansive and impressive; stylish and carefree in manner. informal
This phrase originated in the USA, and Yankee Slang ( 1932 ) identifies ‘Ride him, Cowboy, high, wide and handsome’ as a shout commonly heard at rodeos.
1990 Times Education Supplement Your eyes are often distracted by high quality displays of work, and the library is high, wide and handsome.
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high, wide, and handsome

mod. happy; carefree. Willy is high, wide, and handsome after his great triumph.
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00--The first thing that will perhaps strike you about this book (volume 43 of a projected 86-volume set of translations into English of the writings of Erasmus; 50 volumes have been published to date) is its handsomeness.
The show also included Shoe Bouquet, 2009, one of several sculptures in which Cole returns secondhand shoes to flowery handsomeness, and Hers and His, both 2010.
The way his head nodded slightly when he said "good experience," his bland handsomeness, the graying hair just above his ears, all made him seem earnest.
following stanza in the lord's noble lineage, his handsomeness,
When she was about to answer, he went on to say: "You cannot possibly have married him for his handsomeness.
Pre-testing demonstrated that the photos were rated equal in handsomeness.
In 1592 Webbe expresses the hope that the play might 'again more boldly come abroad, and by your permission returne to his olde parents clothed perhaps not in richer or more costly furniture then it went from them, but in handsomeness & fashion more answerable to these times'.
Trading on Nour's Keanu Reeves-ish look, Ashraf radiates the qualities of bland, middle-class handsomeness, and he even has a pretty girlfriend to match.
They looked at her, waiting to hear why she'd summoned them, but their lost beauty, their destroyed handsomeness, transfixed her.
5) In die opera sing Claggart "O beauty, o handsomeness, goodness, would that I never encountered you
And most important, Ladd is often compared to Jimmy who 'looked like Alan Ladd's twin brother' ('JT', 101): both have dirty-blond hair, both have a certain handsomeness, both rob their love interests of identity by replacing it with their own.
In Hebrew one can discern the double semantic charge in terms for beauty applied both to God and to human beauty: hadar, no'am, tip ara may apply to human handsomeness and regal beauty (Esth.
Zarem's words true, James could have willed himself into handsomeness, saving a lot of pain, expense, and swelling.
There are lots of reasons why Tupac continues to be even more popular in death than he was in life: his thug-revolutionary-artiste persona, which resonates in our occasionally barren pop-artistic epoch; his extraordinary handsomeness and perfectly sculpted physique, which embody his youthfulness and our vain adoration and envy of it; his diligent martyrdom, one that he predicted and thus, in part, precipitated, setting him apart from other fallen stars like Notorious B.