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devilishly handsome

A physically attractive male who has a roguish appeal. Who is that devilishly handsome man by the bar? Any chance you could introduce us? I'm not surprised by Maddie's new boyfriend—she'll pick the devilishly handsome bad boy every single time.
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handsome devil

A physically attractive male, possibly one with a roguish appeal. Wow, her fiancé's a handsome devil—he could be a model! Who is that handsome devil? Any chance you could introduce us?
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handsome is as handsome does

proverb One's character is more important than one's physical attractiveness. Would you go out with my friend Doug? I know you don't think he's very good-looking, but he's just the nicest guy, and handsome is as handsome does.
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handsome is that handsome does

proverb One's character is more important than one's physical attractiveness. Would you go out with my friend Doug? I know you don't think he's very good-looking, but he's just the nicest guy, and handsome is that handsome does.
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high, wide, and handsome

1. Very impressive. For such a young girl, the extent of her musical knowledge is high, wide, and handsome.
2. Very happy. Johnny's in a bit of a bad mood, but just give him a new toy to play with and he'll be high, wide, and handsome again in no time.
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Handsome is as handsome does.

Prov. It is more important to treat people well than to be good-looking.; Just because you are good-looking does not mean you are a good person. Jill: I'd like to get to know George better. Jane: Why? Jill: He's so handsome. Jane: Handsome is as handsome does. He's a very unpleasant person.
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handsome is as handsome does

How one acts is more important than how one looks. For example, He may be homely, but he's the kindest man I've ever met-handsome is as handsome does. This expression already appeared in John Ray's 1670 collection of proverbs.
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handsome is as handsome does


pretty is as pretty does

You say handsome is as handsome does or pretty is as pretty does, to mean that you should judge someone by their actions and not by their appearance. Handsome is as handsome does, my mother and grandmother always said in order to prevent self-admiration. Yes, she's pretty — but pretty is as pretty does.
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handsome is as handsome does

character and behaviour are more important than good looks. proverb
In this particular form the proverb dates from the mid 17th century. When used of behaviour, handsome really means ‘chivalrous’ or ‘genteel’, though in this saying it is taken to refer to good looks. The original sense is made clear in the earlier version: goodly is he that goodly dooth .
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high, wide, and handsome

expansive and impressive; stylish and carefree in manner. informal
This phrase originated in the USA, and Yankee Slang ( 1932 ) identifies ‘Ride him, Cowboy, high, wide and handsome’ as a shout commonly heard at rodeos.
1990 Times Education Supplement Your eyes are often distracted by high quality displays of work, and the library is high, wide and handsome.
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high, wide, and handsome

mod. happy; carefree. Willy is high, wide, and handsome after his great triumph.
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handsome is as handsome does

Actions, not appearances, are what count. This proverb was already an “ancient adage” in 1580 (Anthony Monday, Sunday Examples) when it was put as “goodly is he that goodly dooth”; it appeared in modern form in John Ray’s proverbs of 1670 and has been repeated over and over by numerous writers.
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tall, dark, and handsome

Supposedly what a woman wants in a man’s appearance. This standard description of the romantic hero found in women’s fiction of the first half of the 1900s was given further currency by the 1941 film, Tall, Dark, and Handsome. It starred dark-haired, good-looking Cesar Romero as an underworld boss who is really a softie at heart. See also strong silent type.
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The show's handsomeness finds the soldiers in green militant doublets and the ladies in turn-of-the-century white morning dresses and gorgeous formal evening gowns.
It seems the director, Dennis (Brooks Ashmanskas), finds the denouement too sentimental, and so do the folks at the Seattle Rep, and the folks at the Shubert Organization, and even Robert Redford, whose interest in taking the lead role is chief among the play's implausibilities (he seems to have been chosen to cue a joke about his fabled handsomeness).
Cast against type, with shabby beard and big glasses to deglamorize his handsomeness, McConaughey renders a passable performance, failing to grab the opportunities of his substantial role.
John has a standard-issue handsomeness without any of the character or bitterness that might plausibly have come with 13 years of nonstop rejection, but he's also been given very little to play.
He was no prize either, but even at that late stage he possessed a man's unique faith in his own handsomeness. Tommy was not handsome, and this held him back in matters of love.
Off-screen, his handsomeness earned him a spot on a cosmetic surgeon's "Ten Best Noses" list in the late 1970s.
Extramarital sex can take place in a situation where a woman desires the physical build of a man, his handsomeness and color (Ikpe 2003:47).
)ISLAMABAD/DUBAI Prime Minister Imran Khan has been accused of taking yet another U-turn after his pre-election vow of handsomeness was brought under scrutiny on Monday.Question marks were raised over the Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf (PTI) election manifesto clearly underlining party chief's 'handsomeness', when PM Khan failed to charm International Monetary Fund (IMF) Chief Christine Lagarde during their meeting on the sidelines of the World Government Summit in Dubai last Sunday.
Who in his or her right senses could have imagined that PTI Einsteins had no idea that tax-to-GDP ratio would not increase in direct proportion to the handsomeness of PM Khan; that party leaders and followers were truly clueless about the fact that oversees Pakistanis could not retire our foreign debt on the call of PM Khan; that they were honestly ignorant that State Owned Enterprises like PIA and the Steel Mills could not reform themselves just because Khan had good intentions.
12, to ask her fans what certain characteristics would take away from a man's handsomeness. She shared her own opinion and said these were body odor, bad breath and excessive pride.
The character of Baku/Ryohei can be thought as symbolising elements of the unexpected versus the routine, and Hamaguchi managed to embody this principle thanks to the acting performance of Masahiro Higashide, who has this dual nature of the outward appearance, which embodies handsomeness and mystery, while the inward qualities embody gentleness and honesty.
You'd never know it from the smooth-operator vibes and Disney prince handsomeness that radiate from his magazine covers, but Ryan Reynolds is often, quite secretly, a nervous wreck.
For an actor, handsomeness may help to get into others hearts but to stay in it, he has to own another kind of beauty; that of talent, perseverance and hard work.
But disappointingly, nobody seemed to give the slightest notice to my amplified handsomeness. Not the baristas.
The Queen is struck by Abdul's bearing and handsomeness, and soon enough is receiving him in private audiences and having him tutor her in Urdu.