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a hand

1. Applause, often when urged by someone as a show of approval or appreciation for someone else. Let's give our special guest a big hand! Wasn't that a great performance? Let's give them a hand, ladies and gentlemen! The injured athlete got a big hand from the whole stadium as he was carried off the field by the medical team.
2. Help with a task or chore. I heard they put you in charge of organizing the storage closet. Let me know if you need a hand. I hope that someone will give me a hand with these bags—there's no way I'll make it to the fifth floor on my own! A: "Can I give you a hand?" B: "Well, it would be great if you could set the table while I finish cooking."
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An initialism of "have a nice day." Used especially in text messaging and online communications. A: "OK, I'd better get going." B: "Later! HAND!"

hand (one) (something)

1. To pass or give something to someone directly. I took a cupcake and then handed my mom the plate. Hand Ed this envelope, will you? You'll see him before I do.
2. To give or relinquish something to one very easily, without one deserving it or having to work very hard for it. The home team's defense just handed their rivals a victory with that boneheaded move. The government isn't going to just hand us free money. This funding has some very strict criteria that you have to satisfy first.
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hand someone something

Fig. to tell someone something; to tell someone nonsense. Don't hand me that stuff! That's silly! She handed me a line about being a famous author.
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This framing of the studio research being disrupted by a handless maiden was due to an early and arbitrary encounter with Robert Johnson's Jungian analysis in The Fisher King and the Handless Maiden: Understanding the wounded feeling function in masculine and feminine psychology (1993).
He probably felt "handless" because he had decided to become a priest with all that this meant to his affectivity, but in return he felt free to embrace all humankind.
On each side of that judge sit three others, also depicted handless, so that thirteen stumps of arms are visible.
The ride can be firm-ish on some surfaces but overall it handless nicely and offers a decent drive.
A headless and handless corpse of a woman positioned in the way Ms Halstead's body was found appears in a sickening sketch.
She bends down and puts her hand on Alex's handless shoulder.
via perception; 2) If I have hands, then I am not a handless brain in a vat; 3) I am not a handless brain in a vat.., from 1 and 2, modus ponens.
The 50-odd works in between are tightly related in theme and identical in medium: color photographs Johnson made using techniques he gleaned from a day job producing television graphics and later crafted through digital manipulation, for an appearance as utterly handless as advertisements.
Disciple, Tangiers that light kept me a year in its grip first my feet caught fire then my blood we moved at the edge of endlessness headless handless mouthless mindless sand (the face of god) figs a night on the rug with the merciless stars in our mouths drank brackish water the camel milk learned gradual as the sea of sand learned to relinquish again again to cut piety away and drift like ash like this land that can stand to vanish to rise Nancy White lives in Cambridge, New York, and has taught writing for more than 25 years.
He was a junior counsel in the infamous "handless corpse" at Lancaster in 1981, the longest criminal court case at that date.
You lack any semblance of humanity." The headless and handless body of 42-year-old father-of-four John Finney was discovered in Ickleford, near Hitchin, in March 2008, a fortnight after he was abducted from outside his home in Northaw.
Mr Finney's naked headless and handless corpse was found dumped behind a garage block in Ickleford, Hertfordshire, on March 14 last year, two weeks after he disappeared.
Rescue found me in the sunken bathtub sunk in, my handless hands, my arms up above my head, my head light-headed and turning lighter.
I couldn't let go of it, as the ambulance bounced along the broken streets, he behind us, handless, legs torn open, on a rickety stretcher, I held it in both hands, and couldn't let go of it, keeping it in my hand wrapped round one end of the stretcher, pressed together, trying to keep it together somehow, close to his body.