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slang An accumulation of fat around one's midsection. A shortening of "love handles." I need to go back to the gym and start working out again if I want to lose these handles in time for the wedding.
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1. n. a person’s name or nickname. (Western jargon and then citizens band radio.) My handle is Goober. You can call me Goob.
2. n. a way of dealing with something; a grasp of a problem. As soon as I get a handle on this Wilson matter, I’ll give you a buzz.


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handle (oneself)

1. To conduct oneself in a specified manner: handled herself well in the interview.
2. To be able to defend oneself or fend for oneself: Don't worry about me. I can handle myself.
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It had been his companion for twelve years, always standing on the same spot, always lending its handle to him in the early morning, so that its form had an expression for him of willing helpfulness, and the impress of its handle on his palm gave a satisfaction mingled with that of having the fresh clear water.
Now while the tinsmiths had been at work mending the Woodman himself, another of the Winkies, who was a goldsmith, had made an axe-handle of solid gold and fitted it to the Woodman's axe, instead of the old broken handle. Others polished the blade until all the rust was removed and it glistened like burnished silver.
When the remedy that is in the handle of the club is warmed by your hand it will penetrate throughout your body.
Wilson examined the finger marks on the knife handle and said to himself, "Neither of the twins made those marks." Then manifestly there was another person concerned, either in his own interest or as hired assassin."
Wilson had perfect tracings of the finger marks of the knife handle; and among his glass records he had a great array of fingerprints of women and girls, collected during the last fifteen or eighteen years, but he scanned them in vain, they successfully withstood every test; among them were no duplicates of the prints on the knife.
If their fingerprints had been on the handle--but useless to bother any further about that; the fingerprints on the handle were NOT theirs--that he knew perfectly.
Whenever he ran across a girl or a woman he was not acquainted with, he got her fingerprints, on one pretext or another; and they always cost him a sigh when he got home, for they never tallied with the finger marks on the knife handle.
(1989a, 1989b) used a large cubical box (40 cm x 40 cm x 40 cm) with cutout handles and 9 holding positions on each side (Figure 6).
A single click on the symbol will evoke eight small boxes, called handles, that surround the object (see exhibit 6, page 80).
The new gait harness product incorporates handles on either side of the harness and one to the rear.
On straight handles, when you hold the tool as if to use it, you should see tight vertical graining; broad, more oval graining should be on the sides' of the handle.
Metheringham, United Kingdom, September 03, 2017 --(PR.com)-- Bridge/pull handles are such widely used items in industry that we sometimes need to modify the fixing - for example where a machine handle cannot be fitted from the rear or where the selected handle is just too short to fit across mounting points.
Handles often extend far down the side of the container.
But remember when you squirt grease in the crank handles for the traversing, elevation, and cross leveling assemblies, more is not better.