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come in handy

To be especially useful, often in a particular setting or situation. It was a lot colder out than I thought it would be, so your jacket really came in handy! That flashlight comes in handy when I'm trying to find something in my car at night.
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come in handy

[for something] to be useful. I think that this gadget will come in handy in the kitchen.
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come in handy

Be useful or convenient, as in This check will really come in handy. [Mid-1800s] Also see come in, def. 4.
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ˌcome in ˈhandy/ˈuseful

(informal) be useful when needed: The money my aunt gave me will come in handy to pay for my music lessons.
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The handiest way to approach this overview may be to regard it as a united state of measurements, methods, and tools that will help marketers navigate the complex sales and marketing waters that swirl around targeted campaigns for each of these segments.
Opera widgets are clocks, calculators, games, and some of the handiest tools you can imagine.
This is the handiest rake for working around shrubs I've ever had, and it does fine on lawns, too.
One of the handiest and most practical tools is LWP (Library for WWW in Pen), the suite of modules for fetching and processing web pages.
Among the handiest notions are the "`Uh-oh' mind set" and the "magic carpet" sensation in the arm.
Selling dusty, heavy construction materials like concrete and plumbing might seem far removed from the clean, quiet world of digital business, but for Chile's Construmart, tech turns out to be the handiest tool in the bag.
One of the handiest parts of this chapter warns readers about the "best" ways to turn off FCC commissioners and staff.
While the depiction is low resolution, it is arguably the handiest feature of the program.
The handiest way to locate the National Right to Life Educational Trust Fund in your workplace brochure is to first look up the federation Human Service Charities of America (HSCA), then look alphabetically.
From hundreds of Buck knives one of the handiest is their NXT[TM] lockblade, designed for the great outdoors.
After all, it is the handiest, largest, and best equipped in many rest rooms.
Add the King Arthur Lancelot cutter at $39.95 for a total outlay of $119.90 for the handiest tool in your shop.
The electronic version is the handiest for your newsroom and costs $49.
Hamilton calls this a matter of "norm creation" - social science jargon for moral suasion, not a feature of even the handiest of gadgets.