hand off

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hand something off

 (to someone)
1. Lit. to give a football directly to another player. Roger handed the ball off to Jeff. He handed off the ball. Tim handed it off.
2. Fig. to give something to someone else to do or complete. I'm going to hand this assignment off to Jeff. Don't hand off your dirty work to me—do it yourself!
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Neither the hand off nor the silver platter doctrine is necessary to
availability of the hand off threatens to alter fine judgments about
First, the hand off makes it easier to "get away with"
officer believes that the hand off legally cleanses evidence gained in a
that this scrupulous officer, once equipped with the hand off, will go
searches, but I am suggesting that the hand off will blur this
whereas the propriety of the hand off has been questioned whether or not
the hand off generally do not concede any illegality in the pre-hand-off
equivocal implications in a comparison of the hand off and the silver
In one obvious sense they suggest that the hand off is
make the hand off more problematic than silver platter
At best, the hand off creates an incentive for police to design
that a hand off creates "independent probable cause," it takes
The previous Part argues that the hand off poses serious risks to
54) that the hand off is not per se illegal, but that some hand offs