hand (something) to (someone) on a plate

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hand (something) to (someone) on a plate

To give or relinquish something to someone very easily, without him or her having to work very hard to get or achieve it. The team's defense has been atrocious today, handing a victory to their opponents on a plate. If we can get the government to subsidize our project, we'll have our yearly earnings handed to us on a plate.
See also: hand, on, plate

hand something to somebody on a ˈplate


hand somebody something on a ˈplate

(informal) give something to somebody without the person concerned having to make any effort to get it: She was handed the job on a plate. Somebody just telephoned her one afternoon and asked her if she’d like to work for the BBC.A contract’s not just going to be handed to you on a plate, you know. You have to earn it.