hand around

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hand something around

to pass something around. Hand this around and let everyone look at it. Hand around each of these pictures so everyone gets to see them.
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In my practice, my technique for managing difficult fetal extraction during cesarean delivery was to place the fingers of my right hand around the fetal neck, with two fingers on either side.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced on Tuesday that Russia will soon hand around 50 armored vehicles to the Palestinian Authority (PA), the Jordanian daily AD DUSTOUR reported Wednesday.
The thug held his hand around her throat and struck so quickly that police say the victim had little chance of defending herself.
Pictures seemed to show newscaster Burley, 46, with one hand around the neck of the former Birmingham Post and Mail snapper after a camera accidentally hit her in the face.
The assault charges include slapping a patient with a urine-soaked incontinence pad, putting his hand around another's throat, punching one's hand repeatedly and performing a rugby-type kick just centimetres from a patient's nose.
It could just be that to achieve climax he needs firmer pressure than you can give from your mouth alone, so you might find using your hand around the base will help.
Wrap your hand around the other person's hand with a firm (not bone-crushing) grip.
Slowly hand-tighten the ferrule by wrapping your hand around the metal ferrule and rotating the ferrule clockwise until the antenna is firmly attached to the spring base.