hand around

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hand something around

to pass something around. Hand this around and let everyone look at it. Hand around each of these pictures so everyone gets to see them.
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Wrap one hand around the chest with the thumb over the heart on one side and the first two to three fingers over the heart on the other side.
Malarkey spoke about the images in which 70-year-old Stchi was seen with his hand around Lawson's throat during a fight outside a London eatery three weeks ago - for which he later accepted a police caution, the Mirror reported.
IN A BLINK Blink, and upon opening your eyes You may face a different scene, You rank change from what was there before, For better or worse, For change hangs in the gap between heartbeats, It is the unknown self, the aura around you That tracks the second hand around the clock face, Lurking in the pause separating each breath That you take, Life does veer off course, and it can change At any given moment, Beware of complacency, never defy The gods of circumstance, If you do, the unexpected will crawl upon you And send you spinning out of control, Blink, and you could find yourself out of sequence, Beyond the contours of reality, Spinning from here - off the map!
The Court of First Instance found the 30-year-old Bangladeshi guilty on charges of molestation, with reports stating that he grabbed the hand of the American tourist and put his hand around her neck.
In my practice, my technique for managing difficult fetal extraction during cesarean delivery was to place the fingers of my right hand around the fetal neck, with two fingers on either side.
Offer your furthest away hand for her to lean on and put your nearer hand around her back and on her hip or waist.
Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov announced on Tuesday that Russia will soon hand around 50 armored vehicles to the Palestinian Authority (PA), the Jordanian daily AD DUSTOUR reported Wednesday.
memory's a cloud I can't slide my hand around. Little fish,
The thug held his hand around her throat and struck so quickly that police say the victim had little chance of defending herself.