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a banana hammock

slang A very skimpy male bikini. I can't believe Albert insists on wearing a banana hammock to the beach—how embarrassing! A: "What was that scream?" B: "It seems that Evelyn didn't know George was in a banana hammock before she walked into his hotel room." If you're wearing a banana hammock, I don't want to be seen with you, no way.
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banana hammock

n. a bikini for a male. (see also grape smugglers.) He was wearing a little yellow banana hammock that drew a lot of stares.
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I listen to their records all the time, but writing about them-there are only so many ways you can describe a hammock. For Farmer Dave Scher's album--of which there are multiple songs about beaches, songs with wave sounds, songs about good times, songs about the future of good times, even a song with hammock in the title--I will make an exception.
If we wanted to buy a hammock, ones of undyed sisal were suggested as the most natural choices.
Now we were bundled to the neck in a South Dakota cornfield, blending our layout blinds with corn stubble while guide Sean Hammock put out field decoys.
The shed comes with a fully-fitted bar, three fridges and is furnished with a matted floor and hammock.
CHICAGO -- A fruit bowl, an electronic recipe viewer and a laundry hammock were among the top designs created by students--and possible future housewares executives--in the International Housewares Association's 15th Annual Student Design Competition.
A Homebase's St Tropez hammock, above, is perfect for those husbands whose idea of gardening is hanging around.
The idea of a hammock conjures up images of a sandy beach, palm trees, exotic birds and drinks with little umbrellas, but for the international Special Forces crowd it traditionally meant a somewhat-more-secure-than-on-the-ground, relatively comfortable sleep with one's spine curved at an unnatural angle.
Do you want to hear about Ben falling asleep in the hammock after a day of skating instead of passing out in the hammock after a day of drinking?
On This Beautiful Language is filled with bright and ruddy colored illustrations of native Taino individuals going about day-to-day life, and a final page offers some additional information about the Taino culture, and influences that remain with us today through words like "barbecue", "tobacco", "canoe", and "hammock", all of which are derived from the Arawak language.
Hammock, a biochemist at the University of California, Davis, and his colleagues now report that two experimental drugs shield lab mice from extreme inflammation.
Conducted in 1992, these oral histories are all the more pertinent today since the majority of the interviewees are deceased and the combined population of their diverse communities, once four hundred strong, has now dwindled to less to a hundred people living predominantly in the village of Hog Hammock.
Ma is about to go to sleep in the hammock when she lets out two thunderous roars.
Places of interest there include the Royal Palm Visitor Center, which includes the Gumbo Limbo Trail and the Anhinga Trail; Long Pine Key; Pa-hay-okee Overlook; Mahogany Hammock; Nine Mile Pond; and West Lake.
Katja Dettmer is a postdoctoral researcher in professor Bruce Hammock's laboratory at the University of California, Davis.