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You seem very much interested in that hammer, Father Brown.
A bold woman could commit ten murders with a light hammer and never turn a hair.
And I agree that a woman will always pick up a small hammer instead of a big one.
No man but an idiot would pick up that little hammer if he could use a big hammer.
Then he continued, mastering his discomposure: "The words you said were, `No man but an idiot would pick up the small hammer.
The two riddles are the little hammer and the big blow.
And with that the old little man walked away and stared again at the hammer.
I'm a strong man, as you say, but I couldn't have flung my hammer bang here from Greenford.
I think no thing of flesh held that hammer," said the blacksmith in a stifled voice; "mortally speaking, I think the man died alone.
Do you mean to say, Barnes," came the sharp voice of the cobbler, "that the hammer jumped up of itself and knocked the man down?
Do you remember the blacksmith, though he believes in miracles, talking scornfully of the impossible fairy tale that his hammer had wings and flew half a mile across country?
When you left your brother you were racked with no unrighteous rage, to the extent even that you snatched up a small hammer, half inclined to kill him with his foulness on his mouth.
The Scarecrow dashed in to rescue his Sawhorse, and had his left foot smashed by the hammer before he could pull the creature out of danger.
Billina having fluttered under the hammer, it now remained only to rescue the private who was riding upon the iron giant's arm, high in the air.
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