hammer onto

hammer (something) onto (something)

To attach something onto something else by striking it repeatedly (not necessarily with an actual hammer). We need to hammer this board onto the frame.
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hammer something onto something

 and hammer something on
to pound something onto something. I hammered the lid onto the paint can. She hammered on the lid very tightly.
See also: hammer
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They were able to bang along in time to various pieces of music by thrusting the hammer onto the plate.
"It was only by accident that we discovered the hearth when a friend of ours dropped a hammer onto it and chipped the tiles, and we saw there was a beautiful block of slate underneath."
He carried out the brutal attack, said Mr Linehan, repeatedly crashing the hammer onto the victims heads.
Q: One of my children dropped a hammer onto the tile counter yesterday and cracked two tiles.
He contacted the city council last summer after a friend's son accidentally cracked his old bathtub by dropping a hammer onto it.