hammer down

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hammer something down

to pound something down even with the surrounding surface. Hammer all the nails down so that none of them will catch on someone's shoe. Hammer down all these nails!
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Champion target shooter Walter Winans, in his 1901 book The Art of Revolver Shooting wrote, "It is best to have the revolver in the holster, with one chamber unloaded if a single action, and to keep the hammer down on the unloaded chamber till the actual moment you want to shoot .
The Yayhoos released Put The Hammer Down, with songwriting contributions from all the members.
Elections are right around the corner, we'll hammer down the most competitive races on this week's final pre-election Hot List.
Then the rain began to hammer down, making it difficult for both sides to play their usual attacking style.
He keeps the hammer down on us to keep improving and it works.
CCTV footage showed Probin outside the victim's flat hiding the claw hammer down his trousers.
The range officer will then say, "If clear, hammer down and holster.
BAGHDAD / Aswat al-Iraq: The Iraqi Parliament's Human Rights Commission has hosted on Saturday the Chairman of the Central Committee for Victims of War operations, terrorist acts and military mistakes, with whom he discussed the reasons for delaying the payment of their compensations and means to hammer down the obstacles that delayed those payments.
The Arkansas Securities Department has thrown the hammer down on Zig Ziegler.
11, 2009 (TAP) - European leaders, bidding to increase pressure for a worldwide climate deal in Copenhagen, battled through the night to hammer down Friday a six-billion-euro aid package for poorer nations.
Leave my burden restin' on the ground/When the air don't choke ya and the ocean's clean/And kids don't die for gasoline/One of these days I'm gonna lay this hammer down.
In closing the case, she publicly shamed the diocese, arguing that it was well-equipped to settle the claims but was seeking to use the bankruptcy courts as "a method to hammer down the claims of those abused.
Gronholm had taken it a little too easily early in the day, losing six seconds to Loeb, but put the hammer down thereafter.
Once the treatment is completed, many athletes feel the urge to rush out and hammer down a workout.