hammer at

hammer (away) at someone

Fig. to interrogate someone; to ask questions endlessly of someone. The cops kept hammering away at the suspect until he told them everything they wanted to know. They hammered at him for hours.
See also: hammer

hammer (away) at something

1. Lit. to continue to do a task that requires much hammering. The roofers are hammering away at the job, trying to finish before night.
2. Lit. to pound at or on something, such as a door. Who is hammering away at the door? The police are hammering at the door.
3. Fig. to dwell overly long on a point or a question. Stop hammering away at the same thing over and over. The agents asked question after question. They would not stop hammering at the issue.
See also: hammer
References in classic literature ?
And he hammered at me with a wigour only to be equalled by the wigour with which he didn't hammer at his anwil.
Have the hip axis remain square across the front, while the shoulder axis turns right to pick up the hammer at its apex.