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a problem shared is a problem halved

Talking about a problem with someone else usually makes it seem less daunting or troubling. Just tell me what's bothering you, honey. You know what they say—a problem shared is a problem halved.
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a trouble shared is a trouble halved

By discussing one's problem, or seeking someone's help with that problem, the situation will not be as difficult, distressing, or daunting. A: "I've just had a lot on my plate recently, but I don't want to be a downer." B: "Hey, a trouble shared is a trouble halved. Tell me what's up, and maybe I'll be able to help."
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trouble shared is a trouble halved

Prov. If you tell someone about a problem you are having, or request someone's help with a problem, the problem will not seem so daunting. (Can be used to encourage someone to confide in you or ask for your help.) Jill: Is something wrong? You've seemed so depressed lately. Jane: Oh, I wouldn'twant to bother you with it. Jill: Don't be silly. A trouble shared is a trouble halved, remember.
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a trouble ˌshared is a trouble ˈhalved

(saying) if you talk to somebody about your problems and worries, instead of keeping them to yourself, they seem less serious: You really should tell someone how you feel. After all, a trouble shared is a trouble halved.
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With Boote and Melding winning and Jackson and Lewis halving they trailed 3.
In the six morning greensomes Arthur Jones and Terry Adamson were the only winners with David Hart and John Lewis and Kevin Bostock and David Reidford halving their games.
Wrexham's Steve Merrill had brought the scores level when he beat Karl Lurz and there were other Denbighshire wins for Clays' Andy Evans, Alyn Torrance from Plassey and Andy Bostock from Wrexham, with another Wrexham player Kevin Matthias halving his game with Pennant Park's J P Snead.
St Deiniol's Paul Roberts and Adam Williams from Henllys were the winners in the afternoon with Conwy's Lee Jones and Alex Bradbrook from Mold halving their matches.
North Wales took a comfortable lead in the morning, winning four and halving one of the six foursomes.
IN their annual match North Wales beat Shropshire & Herefordshire 10-8, winning five and halving one of the last six singles at the Henlle Park club near Oswestry.
But they lost the afternoon singles 6 1/2 -3 1/2 and the match 8 1/2 -6 1/2 , Dykes halving with Richardson, while Nigel Edwards and Cennydd Mills won their matches and Matthews and Evans also halved.
The next three singles all went to the 18th, Lofthouse beating Sam Baker by one up, Robin Hughes beating Tom Lowery two up and Alyn Torrence halving his match with Tom Benbow to make the score 6 1/2 -4 1/2 .
And with captain O'Hare gaining Anglesey's only other victory and Mark Parry halving with Nick Lofthouse, the visitors sealed the match after winning the singles5 1 / 2 -2 1 ANGLESEY 5 CAERNARFONSHIRE 7 RESULTS (Anglesey names first) FOURSOMES: David Lovell & Robert Jones (Rhosneigr) bt Lee Jones (Conwy) & Tom Neal (North Wales) 3 & 1; Danial Roberts & Robbie Macvicar (Baron Hill) halved with Nick Lofthouse (Maesdu) & Joe Soar (Royal St.
There were victories for Abergele pair Luke Murray and Iain Hayes and Evans and Runcie, with Clays pair Adam Partington and Andrew Evans halving their match with Lee Hinks Edwards and Alex Bradbrooke.