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Hallmark moment

A particularly poignant, memorable, or emotionally touching moment or event, i.e., one that would be suitable as a greeting card. A reference to the Hallmark brand of greeting cards. Sometimes used ironically or satirically. With so much of the extended family coming to visit, Grandpa's 80th birthday is turning into quite the Hallmark moment!
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have all the hallmarks of (someone or something)

To have all the traits that are usually associated with a particular person or thing. Come on, kids, be honest—the house has all the hallmarks of the aftermath of a wild party. This has all the hallmarks of an inside job.
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have all the ˈhallmarks of somebody/something

have all the characteristics or typical features of somebody/something: The burglary had all the hallmarks of a professional job.
Hallmarks are marks put on gold and silver objects that show the quality of the metal and give information about when and where they were made.
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Students employed in nursing education at clinical sites were also interested in the link between the hallmarks of excellence, accreditation standards, the conceptual framework for the Magnet Recognition Program (14 Forces of Magnetism), and accreditation standards required by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations.
Finally, students recognized the striking relationship between the hallmarks of excellence and the NLN's Core Competencies of Nurse Educators[c] (10).
This potential "dating dilemma" became the focus of media materials and pitches, as well as the in-store materials developed by Hallmark.
The Pucker Up theme was extended into Hallmark Gold Crown stores.
Every item of gold silver or platinum sold in the UK must be hallmarked, unless it is under a specified weight, and the hallmarking numbers released by the four UK Assay Offices are an excellent barometer of trends in the market.
A piece of the new Badge of Office for The Assay Master, designed and made by Martyn Pugh of Redditch Birmingham Assay Office chief Michael Allchin says he is not surprised at the huge demand for the newly hallmarked palladium jewellery
It was alleged gold rings were produced with a hallmark cast into them rather than submitted to the Assay Office to have an official hallmark stamped into them.
By law every item of gold which weighs more than one gram has to be hallmarked by one of four official assay offices in the UK before it can be sold.
"I got a little bit of a pop on the wrist from Hallmark. They're like, 'Dude, you're playing him too dark.
See Polaha's detective in action when "Mystery 101" premieres on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Sunday at 9 p.m.
Hallmark played it over and over again as it was ramping up for the wedding.
Now Polaha's getting ready for the premiere of his sixth Hallmark movie, "Mystery 101," on Hallmark Movies & Mysteries on Jan.
Not all of Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies & Mysteries' 2018 (https://www.ibtimes.com/how-be-hallmark-christmas-movie-new-2018-casting-details-2696809) Christmas movies have been announced yet.
IBT: Do you find that there's a stigma in Hollywood around doing Hallmark movies?
Hallmark Movies & Mysteries will once again designate this month as "Garage Sale Mystery" month with four all-new movies in the Lori Loughlin-starring franchise, one premiering every weekend.