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Hallmark moment

A particularly poignant, memorable, or emotionally touching moment or event, i.e., one that would be suitable as a greeting card. A reference to the Hallmark brand of greeting cards. Sometimes used ironically or satirically. With so much of the extended family coming to visit, Grandpa's 80th birthday is turning into quite the Hallmark moment!
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have all the hallmarks of (someone or something)

To have all the traits that are usually associated with a particular person or thing. Come on, kids, be honest—the house has all the hallmarks of the aftermath of a wild party. This has all the hallmarks of an inside job.
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have all the ˈhallmarks of somebody/something

have all the characteristics or typical features of somebody/something: The burglary had all the hallmarks of a professional job.
Hallmarks are marks put on gold and silver objects that show the quality of the metal and give information about when and where they were made.
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According to the WGC report, despite the introduction of hallmarking standards in India 17 years ago, there are only 15,000 licensee jewellers supported by some 500 assaying and hallmarking centres (AHCs) which is inadequate.
The Bureau of Indian Standards ( BIS) identifies hallmarking centres and gives recognition.
" The ministry is working out to make hallmarking mandatory," said a senior ministry official.
'Hallmarking is one of the oldest forms of consumer protection in Britain,' she said.
WGC India managing director Somasundaram PR said," Hallmarking is not mandatory and consumer awareness is limited.
Besides mandatory hallmarking, the amendments moved by the Consumer Affairs Ministry also seeks to introduce registration of relevant standards as an alternative mechanism to the compulsory certification regime to facilitate growth of sunrise sectors like IT and biotechnology and protect consumers from spurious and substandard imports.
"We are very encouraged by the positive response to palladium hallmarking. So far most of the items we have seen have been wedding rings, but there is some men's jewellery around and we expect to see designers experimenting widely with this "new" metal now that consumers have the additional reassurance of a hallmark." The Birmingham Assay Office, which as the largest of its kind in the world handles over 12 million articles per year, said age-old traditions have been quietly overturned in the past few months.
Every item of gold silver or platinum sold in the UK must be hallmarked, unless it is under a specified weight, and the hallmarking numbers released by the four UK Assay Offices are an excellent barometer of trends in the market.
"It underscores the continuing importance of Hallmarking in terms of both consumer and trade protection and gives readers a succinct overview of the complex processes that are carried out before an item is hall-marked."
Historically the Hallmarking Act has prevented the various Assay Offices in the UK from hallmarking items made of a mixture of precious and base metals, and the regulations for mixed precious metal items have been very restricting.
The whole point of hallmarking is that it provides independent testing of silver, gold and platinum.
It is, perhaps, not insignificant that the EU Precious Metals Directive, which would end hallmarking, is supported most strongly by the Italian government.
British hallmarking is set to enter a new era as Birmingham Assay Office establishes the first UK sub office within a jewellery manufacturer's own premises.
However, the Post Office claimed the British Hallmarking Council and the Assay Council of the UK, which Mr Gwyther represents, were over-reacting.
An opinion poll carried out for the four UK assay offices in Birmingham - the biggest in Europe - Sheffield, London and Edinburgh shows a great public awareness of hallmarking.