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Hallmark moment

A particularly poignant, memorable, or emotionally touching moment or event, i.e., one that would be suitable as a greeting card. A reference to the Hallmark brand of greeting cards. Sometimes used ironically or satirically. With so much of the extended family coming to visit, Grandpa's 80th birthday is turning into quite the Hallmark moment!
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have all the hallmarks of (someone or something)

To have all the traits that are usually associated with a particular person or thing. Come on, kids, be honest—the house has all the hallmarks of the aftermath of a wild party. This has all the hallmarks of an inside job.
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have all the ˈhallmarks of somebody/something

have all the characteristics or typical features of somebody/something: The burglary had all the hallmarks of a professional job.
Hallmarks are marks put on gold and silver objects that show the quality of the metal and give information about when and where they were made.
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According to the WGC report, despite the introduction of hallmarking standards in India 17 years ago, there are only 15,000 licensee jewellers supported by some 500 assaying and hallmarking centres (AHCs) which is inadequate.
An opinion poll carried out for the four UK assay offices in Birmingham - the biggest in Europe - Sheffield, London and Edinburgh shows a great public awareness of hallmarking.
Most adults, aged 15 and above, are aware of the hallmarking system.
A total of 73 per cent knew the purposes of hallmarking.
One in three respondents to the survey said there was too little information about hallmarking in jewellers shops.
When those questioned were told about the possibility of a European directive on hallmarking, 65 per cent were concerned that manufacturers' own marking could replace the assay office system.
Mr Michael Allchin, assay master at Birmingham, said: "Compulsory independent hallmarking is the best means of ensuring the protection of the consumer and legitimate manufacturers from unscrupulous traders in the global jewellery market.