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Hallmark moment

A particularly poignant, memorable, or emotionally touching moment or event, i.e., one that would be suitable as a greeting card. A reference to the Hallmark brand of greeting cards. Sometimes used ironically or satirically. With so much of the extended family coming to visit, Grandpa's 80th birthday is turning into quite the Hallmark moment!
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have all the hallmarks of (someone or something)

To have all the traits that are usually associated with a particular person or thing. Come on, kids, be honest—the house has all the hallmarks of the aftermath of a wild party. This has all the hallmarks of an inside job.
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have all the ˈhallmarks of somebody/something

have all the characteristics or typical features of somebody/something: The burglary had all the hallmarks of a professional job.
Hallmarks are marks put on gold and silver objects that show the quality of the metal and give information about when and where they were made.
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We would typically be the first person to mock the idea of the Hallmark Channel, but there is something specific about this December: It's garbage.
The system includes Melrose-Wakefield Hospital, Lawrence Memorial Hospital of Medford; Hallmark Health Medical Center, Reading; Hallmark Health Medical Associates; Hallmark Health VNA and Hospice; and Lawrence Memorial/Regis College School of Nursing.
Comment: Hallmark is already majority owner of Crown Media, which owns the Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movies and Mysteries.
Hallmark has toyed with the idea of a holiday-oriented network full-time, although it would feature other seasons besides Christmas.
By enabling retailers to help meet customers' communications needs, Hallmark lends a sense of excitement to their stores with a broad range of merchandise--including outstanding licensed properties--that bears the distinctive stamp of its creative team.
Four of the best harbingers of a healthy cable network--cash flow, homes reached, Nielsen ratings and Madison Avenue enthusiasm--are all tipping toward the plus side at Hallmark.
Hallmark sells hundreds of thousands of the ``collectibles'' each year, Bolton said.
But there is another nontrivial problem that Hallmark and his people are dealing with.
In response, Polaris and Hallmark developed a unique hockey-related Valentine's Day program in 2004 called Pucker Up.
First Hallmark is honored to be affiliated with the National Police Defense Foundation and the law enforcement individuals that play such a vital role in our communities," said Bruno Viscariello, president of First Hallmark.
Producing a large multi-color, multi-material part economically can be difficult to achieve, but Canadian mold-maker Hallmark Technologies has developed an approach to make a large automotive part without mold break.
To its worldwide band of loyal customers, the Hallmark brand stands for, much more than greeting cards--it stands for the feelings of a lifetime, a connection with the past and the hopes and dreams of the future.
Hallmark, best known for its greeting cards, has expanded into the home furnishings arena with a broad line of offerings recently unveiled at Mervyn's California.
Small companies really do well because they don't really compete directly with American, Hallmark and Gibson," says Gray Glass, an industry securities analyst for Wheat First Securities in Richmond, Va.