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halfway decent

Somewhat good, useful, or enjoyable, but not very; passable. Anyone with a halfway decent phone can access the Internet these days! John: "So, what did you think of the film?" Bill: "Eh, it was halfway decent, I guess."
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meet trouble halfway

To worry, grow anxious, or distress oneself unnecessarily over something that has yet to happen. You can't go through life meeting trouble halfway, or you'll end up paralyzed with indecision and anxiety.
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halfway house

1. A housing facility that provides treatment and rehabilitation services to people overcoming disabilities or addictions. Once the halfway house helps Mark recover from his heroin addiction, he'll be able to return to his hometown and move forward with his life.
2. A combination of two different things. That restaurant is a halfway house between a burger joint and a sushi bar. Weird, right?
3. The center point of a trip or journey. To prevent us from becoming too tired on the long drive, we decided to stop at a halfway house to get some rest.
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meet (one) halfway

To compromise with someone, often in an argument or disagreement. I'll agree to some of your requests if you'll meet me halfway and allow me to implement some of my ideas. Hey, buddy, please meet your mother and I halfway and at least try to clean your room once a month, OK? Can we meet halfway on this? I'm willing to compromise.
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meet someone halfway

Fig. to compromise with someone. No, I won't give in, but I'll meet you halfway. They settled the argument by agreeing to meet each other halfway.
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go halfway

Also, meet someone halfway. Compromise, give up something for the sake of an agreement. For example, The Smiths are willing to go halfway and pay their share for snow-plowing, or I'll make peace with Nancy if she'll just meet me halfway. [Late 1500s]
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meet someone halfway

COMMON If you meet someone halfway, you accept some of their opinions or wishes, so that you can come to an agreement with them or have a better relationship with them. Democrats are willing to meet the president halfway on measures to stimulate the economy. Young people need to develop skills at forming relationships with adults by meeting them half-way.
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a halfway house

A halfway house is something that has some features of one thing and some of another. A halfway house between the theatre and cinema is possible. The place was a sort of halfway house between a prison and a care home. Note: A halfway house was an inn located halfway between two neighbouring towns or villages and would have been used by coach passengers in former times. The name is still seen on pubs and inns.
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a halfway house

1 a compromise. 2 the halfway point in a progression. 3 a place where ex-prisoners, mental patients, etc. can stay while they become reaccustomed to normal life.
In the late 18th century, a halfway house was an inn or other establishment halfway between two places or at the midpoint of a journey.
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meet someone halfway

make a compromise with someone.
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meet trouble halfway

distress yourself unnecessarily about what may happen.
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a ˌhalfway ˈhouse

1 a place where prisoners, mental patients, etc. can stay for a short time after leaving a prison or hospital, before they start to live on their own again: We’re opening several halfway houses for people who’ve been in this hospital.
2 something that combines the features of two plans, wishes, etc: We really wanted to build a completely new hospital, but we didn’t have the money, so this extension is a kind of halfway house.A halfway house was originally a place such as an inn (= a pub where you can stay the night) that was halfway between two places, or in the middle of a journey.
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meet somebody halfˈway

reach an agreement with somebody by giving them part of what they want: I can’t agree to all your suggestions, but I am prepared to meet you halfway.
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One such halfway house will be set up in Tabuk, Kalingan, province.
Alfie returned to see midfielder Scott again find the net from halfway in a 4-3 cup defeat to Cambuslang Rangers last Saturday.
The DILG has issued guidelines for the construction of halfway houses for former members of the New People's Army in the provinces of Kalinga, Mountain Province, Northern Samar, Negros Oriental, Sarangani, Sultan Kudarat, South Cotabato, and North Cotabato.
Shaneboy Freddie and Pacey Bambi have been the epitome of consistency through halfway, with just five and six spots between quickest and slowest halfway splits.
This halfway point in distance is different from the halfway point in time though, because the craft is slightly slowing as it gets further from the Sun, the time and distance points are different.
Overall, Meeting China Halfway offers an interesting, though largely hypothetical, look at the steps both nations might take to build trust and work toward a cooperative, mutually beneficial relationship.
The basic objective of procurement is to provide social services halfway houses(according to A* 58 of Act no.
Rooney claimed his halfway line howitzer was better than Beckham's - which is fair enough.
The potential shuttering of Corsicana and the halfway houses requires particular attention, Rose said.
For example, if you are shooting a 40-yard shot and there is a limb sticking out about halfway between you and the target, aim your 40-yard pin at the target and then look where your 20-yard pin is in relationship to the limb.
18/20 CLIENTELE: On days when Wales are playing internationals at the Millennium Stadium, the Halfway will be packed to the rafters with red-shirted fans, all passionately bellowing their support for the home team.
At the beginning of this year, Sober Living Halfway House Search, the "go-to" national directory and general information source for sober livings and halfway houses, states that its global ranking was at 285,297 out of well over 30 million sites that Alexa tracks.
Both sides had their chances to open the scoring in the first half, however the woodwork denied Lyndon Weller for Halfway and then Andy Lother for the opposition minutes later.
ENGLAND'S Luke Donald leads at halfway in the Madrid Masters after Welshman Rhys Davies did not quite get the 25th birthday present he most wanted yesterday.
In his introduction to The Halfway House (New Directions, 2009), Jose Manuel Prieto explains why Guillermo Rosales was uniquely able to write a novel about life in a Miami boarding home.