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half-hearted about (someone or something)

Uninterested in or apathetic about someone or something. I'm procrastinating because I'm half-hearted about my topic for the assignment. Who are the other candidates for the position? I'm half-hearted about this one.
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halfhearted (about someone or something)

unenthusiastic about someone or something. Ann was halfhearted about the choice of Sally for president. She didn't look halfhearted to me. She looked angry.
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This is not the last time that we shall see this trait in Astyages, for the same halfheartedness leads him to spare the adolescent Cyrus after his rediscovery, and to rejoice ([GREEK TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] 1.121.1, in Herodotus an ominous word)(37) when the seers recommend this gentle course; but they also advise the king to send him away, hinting at some continuing unease.