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halfhearted (about someone or something)

unenthusiastic about someone or something. Ann was halfhearted about the choice of Sally for president. She didn't look halfhearted to me. She looked angry.
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It was almost inevitable, then, that ``SM3'' would wind up in the quagmire of desperate slapstick and halfhearted satire.
There will be a halfhearted attempt at training and no cash to spend.
In Brown's case, it comes off as halfhearted lip service, an allusion retained solely to flag as contemporary a practice that is, at heart, fundamentally conservative.
Caring for manic children isn't nearly as exhausting as watching 90 minutes of Murphy and Garlin's halfhearted pratfalls and double takes.
Pacing is kind of pokey, confrontations feel halfhearted, and in the middle of this pointedly pointless nonsense, Neil delivers a heartfelt soliloquy about losing his daughter to cancer that is as poignant as it seems out of place.
Occasionally one's eye stumbled on something still more unsettling: dead brushstrokes, patched together from dry, halfhearted corrections.
Appearing solo onstage, a worn acoustic guitar strapped over one shoulder, a hazy spotlight shining like a halfhearted beacon from above, Beck wasted no time reminding us of the state he's in, opening with the beautifully haunting, ``Guess I'm Doing Fine.
But the New York Daily News notes that fans of the show, and the halfhearted admirers of the Joe Pantoliano character, have been weighing in on the HBO Web site, complaining of the loss in Sunday's episode of one of the show's most interesting characters and its prime heavy since Tony (James Gandolfini) apparently lost his edge.
One of the more annoying aspects of the evening was the halfhearted, convoluted and belated effort to prove Hollywood's solidarity with New York and that the industry was affected by Sept.
Tonight's episode is fairly mild by ``Survivor'' standards - the bickering seems halfhearted and amped up only for our amusement.
But this tone deaf, halfhearted lampoon of beauty pageantry-cum-misfired protest against our superficial glamour culture has a bigger problem than any of that.