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mod. clumsy; awkward and ineffectual. (Usually objectionable.) She only made a half-ass try at passing the test.
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Dick Kamp of the Bisbee, Arizona-based Border Ecology Project adds, "There may be cases where an industrial loan would be better than a half-assed community one - as long as it has a community benefit.
Naturalizing obscene retirement packages as just and wonderful, while promoting a half-assed piece of demagoguery as scholarship, is no testament to anybody's IQ.
Fish don't fight half-assed battles; they go to the mat every time.
1 is described as a kind of half-assed attempt to buy time until your programmers can get a real" Windows version out the door.
It's the only remnant left of GM's half-assed assault on the minivan market, and it'll soon be gone.
But make no mistake, this is no half-assed, sentimental stroll down 'wha's like us' lane.
I don't have a half-assed switch - it's either full out or we're playing H-O-R-S-E," Us magazine quoted her as telling Ocean Drive magazine for its February issue.
A bad, tasteless joke, but still a half-assed attempt at humour and one he'd quickly take back.
But his debut album on Interscope was a commercial failure, a cautionary tale remembered mostly for its lone, ill-advised single featuring Lady Gaga's first and final half-assed hip-hop guest appearance.
I began to use autobiographical stuff in an artful way instead of a half-assed way 12 or 14 years ago," Webb said of his stage reminiscences.
Hey Internet: I'm headed to your town on a half-assed comedy & music tour.
The more half-assed it was, the better the chances that we'd improvise something entirely new.
The Salmon Dance" is silly, equal parts half-assed dance craze and biology lesson.
Like much of the most trenchant art in Portland, Ghosttown was exquisitely half-assed.