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mod. clumsy; awkward and ineffectual. (Usually objectionable.) She only made a half-ass try at passing the test.
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Like much of the most trenchant art in Portland, Ghosttown was exquisitely half-assed.
But nothing is more ridiculous -- not to mention more unproductive -- than customers working half-finished, half-assed product presentations.
Neither does his half-assed capitulation to the 9/11 commission's recommendations about reorganizing U.
Still, if seems that there are too many companies that are taking a half-assed approach because they are trying to cover everything.
You can't give a half-assed presentation in either of those settings," he says.
Half-assed as her attempts to learn unfamiliar jobs may have
Its 128-page prospectus included 36 pages of risk factors, which ended with these words: "The fact that we named our company after the emu, a smaller relative of the ostrich, even though we don't actually auction off emus, should give you some indication of what a half-assed outfit we are.
In place of the values that human society has settled for and which Mosley seeks to destroy, there is nothing but cockamamie quasi-religious musings and half-assed meanderings into what might be.
In our era of half-assed transgression, this is a salutary reminder.
Naturalizing obscene retirement packages as just and wonderful, while promoting a half-assed piece of demagoguery as scholarship, is no testament to anybody's IQ.
Fish don't fight half-assed battles; they go to the mat every time.
1 is described as a kind of half-assed attempt to buy time until your programmers can get a real" Windows version out the door.