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1. verb, rude slang To do something halfheartedly or without one's full effort. Did you half-ass these posters? There's a bunch of misspellings, and the ink is all smudged.
2. adjective, rude slang Done halfheartedly or without one's full effort. Also seen as "half-assed." It was just a half-ass attempt, so naturally it didn't work. Look at these half-assed posters—there's a bunch of misspellings, and the ink is all smudged.
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mod. clumsy; awkward and ineffectual. (Usually objectionable.) She only made a half-ass try at passing the test.
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It doesn't stop men from bringing forth all kinds of half-assed and ill-formed notions, but it seems to stop women.
Bush launched "half-assed wars" against Afghanistan and Iraq while leaving Iran, the worst backer of state terrorism, untouched (71).
First they approached Chris Albrecht [formerly of HBO, now head of Starz] about doing a show about the Borgias, and he knew that I have a fascination with the popes, being a half-assed Catholic.
What the army is interested in is a "close combat vehicle." What is a CCV except a half-assed tank?
fact I'd up a to be was "Because I left medicine, it was important for me that this wasn't going to be a half-assed job," she insists.
Did he really think that if he left out proactive and just called it a restructuring, that employees would then assume it was some kind of half-assed, reactive restructuring?
"As you can imagine, the thought of people invading my privacy and listening to half-assed unfinished songs that I write at 3am on a tour bus, does not make me feel too relaxed or creative."
"It wasn't his half-assed apology that pissed me off," recalled Steven A.
"We were just not prepared to throw off what you might call some half-assed version just for the sake of trying to generate more money."
"I'm never going to be Shawn White, but I always tell people if you don't have two legs you only have to be half-assed about everything and people think you're awesome," he jokes.
Earlier on Thursday, O Brien announced his plans for the tour on his Twitter account: "Hey Internet: I m headed to your town on a half-assed comedy & music tour...
from half-assed half-witted Rejects of the better groomed classes Who
"In the US, we have the expression 'half-assed.' Let's do it properly."
"Half-Assed: A Weight Loss Memoir" is Jennette Fulda's record of losing over two hundred of her 372 pounds.