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give (one) the hairy eyeball

To look at one in a way that shows wariness or displeasure. I gave Gina the hairy eyeball when I overheard her gossiping about my best friend.
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give someone the hairy eyeball

stare at someone in a disapproving or angry way, especially with your eyelids partially lowered. North American informal
1992 Guy Vanderhaeghe Things As They Are The commissioner giving him the hairy eyeball all through the service didn't do anything for Reg's increasing bad humour either.
See also: eyeball, give, hairy, someone

give somebody the hairy ˈeyeball

(American English, informal) look at somebody in a suspicious or disapproving way: When I say I’m into hunting, people either laugh or give me the hairy eyeball.
This refers to looking at somebody with your eyes slightly closed so that your eye is partly covered by your eyelashes.
See also: eyeball, give, hairy, somebody


mod. hazardous; difficult. That was a hairy experience!


1. mod. wild; exciting. We had a real hairy-ass time on the roller coaster.
2. mod. strong and virile. (Usually objectionable.) This big hairy-ass guy started to push us around.


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According to research conducted by "Morton", "Yen" [3, 4] and "Barla" [5], hairiness theory was founded in 1956.
A rating system of trichomes on the abaxial surface of leaf, using a scale of 1 for sparsely (non) hairiness, 2 for moderate number of trichomes and 3 for (pilose) hairiness was carried out.
Yarn Evenness and hairiness: Yarn evenness (U%) and hairiness were determined by measuring the variation in capacity occurring as the yarn passes through the measuring slots according the procedure as given in the manual of Uster Evenness Tester-4 (UT-4).
Besides feeling extremely liberating, those sessions provided us with models that included a much wider range of ages and body types, dick sizes, and hairiness, for example.
Symptoms include hairiness (hirsuitism) resulting from excessive amounts of male hormones; irregular menstrual periods; and insulin resistance.
But when it comes to hairiness then I firmly believe action should be taken - even if it means reaching for the garden shears
Some of the transformed plants exhibited resistance to CLCuV disease and also showed changes in boll size/weight, boll shape, plant type, hairiness, gossypol pigments, etc.
3) show that washing caused fabric structure changes (increased density and/or sample hairiness, lower yarn bulk, etc.
With respect to skin, there are sections on hairiness and hypertrichosis, baldness and testosterone, piebaldism, albinism, skin colour, red hair (and the polymorphisms of the melanocyte-stimulating hormone receptor, MC1R, which cause red hair), and finally supernumerary breasts.
2, in which the hairiness of the yarns is also presented.
Do Rozario has discovered numerous points of comparison between the rather "English" craftsmen of A Midsummer Night's Dream and Hobbits, including geographical displacement, hairiness, interest in the transformation of current events into stories for re-telling, and romance; this latter point is developed with reference to Aragorn whom Tolkien originally portrayed as a Hobbit.
As one might guess from his portrait, Gonsalus (or Gonzales, or Gonsalvus) became renowned for his exceptional hairiness.
He uses a modified Ferriman-Gallwey scale to rate hairiness in male-pattern areas, which does not include the lower arms and legs, where many nonhirsute women are hairy.
It can also cause polycystic ovaries in girls, which can lead to period disturbances and hairiness.