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give someone the hairy eyeball

stare at someone in a disapproving or angry way, especially with your eyelids partially lowered. North American informal
1992 Guy Vanderhaeghe Things As They Are The commissioner giving him the hairy eyeball all through the service didn't do anything for Reg's increasing bad humour either.
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give somebody the hairy ˈeyeball

(American English, informal) look at somebody in a suspicious or disapproving way: When I say I’m into hunting, people either laugh or give me the hairy eyeball.
This refers to looking at somebody with your eyes slightly closed so that your eye is partly covered by your eyelashes.
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mod. hazardous; difficult. That was a hairy experience!


1. mod. wild; exciting. We had a real hairy-ass time on the roller coaster.
2. mod. strong and virile. (Usually objectionable.) This big hairy-ass guy started to push us around.


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According to research conducted by "Morton", "Yen" [3, 4] and "Barla" [5], hairiness theory was founded in 1956.
Hairiness was reduced within the samples CO 1 and CO 2 (Fig.
19) Explicit pathologization of hairiness amplified questions about body hairs role as a sign of individual or racial "degeneration," a matter to which Darwin devoted significant attention in his 1871 Descent of Man and Selection in Relation to Sex.
Do Rozario has discovered numerous points of comparison between the rather "English" craftsmen of A Midsummer Night's Dream and Hobbits, including geographical displacement, hairiness, interest in the transformation of current events into stories for re-telling, and romance; this latter point is developed with reference to Aragorn whom Tolkien originally portrayed as a Hobbit.
Around the Son of Heaven were arranged "barbarians of varying degrees of uncouthness and hairiness," but who "could yet be brought within the religiocosmic circle of Chinese enlightenment if they would but 'come to be transformed' (lai hua) by the Virtue (te) of the universal monarch" by acknowledging themselves as tributaries.
As one might guess from his portrait, Gonsalus (or Gonzales, or Gonsalvus) became renowned for his exceptional hairiness.
In the post-Darwinian dispensation, the hairiness of Red, like that of Esau and Samson, connotes a masculinity still close to the ancestral ape.
It can also cause polycystic ovaries in girls, which can lead to period disturbances and hairiness.
There was no equation of size, shape, colour, hairiness, that could be applied.
Feigenbaum-Coullet-Tresser Universality and Milnor's Hairiness Conjecture.
The sculpture's careful casting allows the weight of the bronze to seem ghostly, its disembodied hairiness suggesting Balzac's robe, a strange kind of burka, or the black hoods of Abu Ghraib.
That "we find hairy apes at the equator and the least hairy humans on the planet inside the Arctic circle" is supposed to undercut Darwinian evolution, but the misplaced hairiness doesn't do anything for intelligent design, either.
Rather than saying: 'Thank God for that,' whenever I argued myself out of my hairiness, I could not bring myself to rush headlong into a salon.
To complete the effect, she makes Jacob wear goatskin to approximate Esau's hairiness, a maneuver that successfully deceives Isaac and results in Isaac's mistakenly blessing him instead of Esau.
There are also innovative points of entry to the material--the hairiness, for example, of Shakespearean patriarchs in these pictures.