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get (a bit/a little) hairy

slang Of a situation, to become stressful or unnerving. There's still a lot of tension between them because of the divorce, so things might get a bit hairy if we leave them alone with each other. Driving home is going to get hairy if they don't deal with all that ice on the road.
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give (one) the hairy eyeball

To look at one in a way that shows wariness or displeasure. I gave Gina the hairy eyeball when I overheard her gossiping about my best friend.
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hairy at the heel

Coarse and unsophisticated. Primarily heard in UK. Are you hairy at the heel? Don't call them at this late hour!
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hairy molly

Primarily heard in Ireland.
1. Any large, fuzzy caterpillar. Don't freak out, but there's a hairy molly crawling on your backpack right now.
2. vulgar slang The female genitals. He just seems so lecherous—I bet he's after your hairy molly.
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hairy situation

slang A stressful or unnerving situation. It's kind of a hairy situation—there's still a lot of tension between them because of the divorce. Look at all that ice on the road! Getting home is going to be a pretty hairy situation.
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1. rude slang Scary or exhilarating. We had a hairy-ass time trying to get out of that haunted house—I still had fun, though.
2. rude slang Macho. Hairy-ass guys just annoy me. I like thoughtful, poetic types.


1. rude slang Scary or exhilarating. We had a hairy-assed time trying to get out of that haunted house—I still had fun, though.
2. rude slang Macho. Hairy-assed guys just annoy me. I like thoughtful, poetic types.

things are getting hairy

slang Something is becoming stressful or unnerving. Things are getting hairy in there. There's still a lot of tension between them because of the divorce. Look at all this snow that's coming down! Things will be getting hairy on the roads soon.
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give someone the hairy eyeball

stare at someone in a disapproving or angry way, especially with your eyelids partially lowered. North American informal
1992 Guy Vanderhaeghe Things As They Are The commissioner giving him the hairy eyeball all through the service didn't do anything for Reg's increasing bad humour either.
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give somebody the hairy ˈeyeball

(American English, informal) look at somebody in a suspicious or disapproving way: When I say I’m into hunting, people either laugh or give me the hairy eyeball.
This refers to looking at somebody with your eyes slightly closed so that your eye is partly covered by your eyelashes.
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mod. hazardous; difficult. That was a hairy experience!


1. mod. wild; exciting. We had a real hairy-ass time on the roller coaster.
2. mod. strong and virile. (Usually objectionable.) This big hairy-ass guy started to push us around.


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Whereas a vanner in the 1930s might have landed the van upside down in a ditch and sat trapped while battery acid dripped down onto her tattered uniform (as did Miss Hasell), the hairiest it got for Lauren was a slightly worrying shimmy she felt when the van was going downhill.
On the wall of the entrance hall hang cards and photos of dozens of pets loved and lost, with epigraphs from bereaved owners like 'Sam--my best boy waiting in heaven' and 'For Bellamy--our first best hairiest friend.'"
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