hair of the dog

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the hair of the dog (that bit you)

An alcoholic drink consumed to remedy a hangover. The phrase comes from the notion that literally rubbing the hair of the dog that bit you on the wound would help it to heal. Wow, all that beer has left me feeling terrible this morning. The only cure is the hair of the dog, I guess!
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hair of the dog

a small quantity of alcohol taken as a remedy for a hangover. informal
The full form of this phrase is hair of the dog that bit you . Hair from a rabid dog was at one time thought to be a remedy against the effects of its bite; in this expression, the recommended cure for a hangover is a small amount of the cause of the problem.
1987 Bruce Allen Powe The Ice Eaters Murray, still feeling the effects of the previous evening, had suggested they go into a bar because he needed a hair of the dog.
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the hair of the ˈdog (that ˈbit you)

(informal) an alcoholic drink taken in the morning in order to help cure the unpleasant effects of drinking too much alcohol the night before: ‘Why are you drinking whisky at 8 o’clock in the morning?’ ‘Hair of the dog. I’ve got the most terrible hangover.’In the past, if a person was bitten by a dog, burnt hair from the same dog was used as a protection against infection.
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hair of the dog

A small amount of what made one ill might be used as a remedy; recipe for curing a hangover. This expression appeared in John Heywood’s Proverbs of 1546 (“I pray thee let me and my fellow have a haire of the dog that bit us last night”) and alludes to the even older folk remedy of treating a dog bite by placing the burnt hair of a dog on the wound. Although having a drink is a dubious cure for the aftereffects of alcoholic overindulgence, the expression is still used, and occasionally is transferred to other matters.
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Hall-Flavin, a consultant in addiction psychiatry at the Mayo Clinic, told Men's Health magazine that "Hair of the Dog" is a bad idea.
Over the next several months, Hair of the Dog and Deschutes Brewery will be meeting to sample the aging beer and contemplate the blending process.
At a Google talk in early 2014, Adam said that the "hair of the dog" cure has led to the concotion of many cocktails, like the Bloody Mary.
So drinking a little "hair of the dog" is based on the same equally ineffective principle.
"It's a kind of withdrawal symptom, and that's why some people feel better with the hair of the dog.
T4 On The Beach Channel 4, Today, 2pm Anyone still suffering from a T in the Park hangover should enjoy this hair of the dog show.
Whether it be a fry-up, hair of the dog, or a raw egg - or all of them at the same time - the only real effect these so-called remedies ever achieved for someone was probably making them feel even more ill.
But they left the pub in need of more than the hair of the dog after Jenny had finished work with her scissors, razor and waxing treatments.
IT was more than a hair of the dog that John Gowens needed as he nursed a king-sized was the dog itself!
``But if you do overdo it, forget hair of the dog and lay off alcohol for 48 hours - you'll feel a lot better for it.
If you have a bad hangover, the best solution may be to carry on drinking I have always believed in the scientific rationale for the "hair of the dog" as a cure for a hangover because it balances out the amount of alcohol in your blood with that in your brain.
Yenny Indrawirawan of Animal Accident and Emergency Point Cook said the "hair of the dog" treatment that Cleo received is rare but effective.
Although their set was filled with crowd-pleasing classics such as Bad Bad Boy and Hair of the Dog, Nazareth didn't rest on their laurels as they aired plenty of material from 2009's The Newz (See Me) and their latest release Big Dogz, with Big Dogs Gonna Howl being particularly well received.
Productivity also usually suffers as a quarter of workers have a "hair of the dog" extended lunch break the day after.
Those who routinely revelled in the hair of the dog that bit them drank 2 to 3 times more alcohol than other adults in the study, and they had significantly higher rates of alcohol dependency.