hair of the dog

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the hair of the dog (that bit you)

An alcoholic drink consumed to remedy a hangover. The phrase comes from the notion that literally rubbing the hair of the dog that bit you on the wound would help it to heal. Wow, I feel terrible this morning. The only cure is the hair of the dog, I guess!
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hair of the dog

a small quantity of alcohol taken as a remedy for a hangover. informal
The full form of this phrase is hair of the dog that bit you . Hair from a rabid dog was at one time thought to be a remedy against the effects of its bite; in this expression, the recommended cure for a hangover is a small amount of the cause of the problem.
1987 Bruce Allen Powe The Ice Eaters Murray, still feeling the effects of the previous evening, had suggested they go into a bar because he needed a hair of the dog.
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the hair of the ˈdog (that ˈbit you)

(informal) an alcoholic drink taken in the morning in order to help cure the unpleasant effects of drinking too much alcohol the night before: ‘Why are you drinking whisky at 8 o’clock in the morning?’ ‘Hair of the dog. I’ve got the most terrible hangover.’In the past, if a person was bitten by a dog, burnt hair from the same dog was used as a protection against infection.
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Over the next several months, Hair of the Dog and Deschutes Brewery will be meeting to sample the aging beer and contemplate the blending process.
Angela Parsons, Stirling A HAIR of the dog is a small measure of drink intended to cure a hangover.
Fulham boss Chris Coleman preaches to curfew-breaker Sean Davis that he never needed a hair of the dog collarIt was a player conning the ref to get a fellow pro sent off.
Asda will get you in the spirit with a range of boozy gift sets, including Hair Of The Dog Scotch whisky, hangover remedy, dark glasses and cooling face cloth at pounds 4.
Hair of the dog MANY of us have tried it, but the phrase is said to be from the 16th Century.
And years later, their hair of the dog memorials are still in use.
There will be sore heads galore, and even those workers who do turn up will not be performing as well as they might, and may have needed a hair of the dog in the morning before dragging themelves to work.
Brosnan, currently filming a new pounds 40 million blockbuster as castaway Robinson Crusoe, appears in dire need of a hair of the dog.
I'd wake up with a hangover, feel depressed due to the alcohol and think I'd have a hair of the dog to make me feel better.
Workers' favourite tips for avoiding a hangover - in order of preference - are: drinking lots of water before going to bed, eating a meal before going out, drinking a glass of milk to line the stomach before going out, eating a kebab on the way home, eating a full English breakfast the morning after, and having a hair of the dog, such as a Bloody Mary, the morning after.
30 start - the Joe Punter Hurdle no less - so there's little time for a hair of the dog.
If you were bitten by a rabid dog back then, doctors would dress the wound with the burnt hair of the dog that bit you as a cure.
A hair of the dog proved just the tonic for Alsatian Teddy after he downed the deadly liquid he found in the boot of a car.
The release of the album Hair of the Dog established Nazareth as an internationally successful rock group, and the record sold more than a million copies in the US.