hail as

hail (someone) as (something)

To laud or compliment someone for being something. I would definitely hail Jenny as a leader in our department, especially after seeing how she handled that emergency situation.
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hail someone as something

to praise someone for being something. The active members hailed him as fraternity brother of the year. Sally was hailed as an effective leader.
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hail as

To praise someone for being something: The veterans were hailed as heroes when they marched in the parade.
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7) indicates that slowly moving thunderstorms with lower VII (three red circles with VII of ~100 kg [m.sup.-2]) dropped as much hail as faster-moving thunderstorms with higher VII (four red circles with VII of 130-220 kg [m.sup.-2]).
Vehicles struggle to navigate down Grant Street south of downtown Denver through heavy rains and hail as a severe thunderstorm sweeps over the metropolitan area June 25, 2015.
According to the National Severe Storms Laboratory (NSSL) hail as small as a pea can cause property damage.