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give (one) Hail Columbia

To scold someone harshly. "Hail Columbia" is a euphemism for "hell." My mom really gave me Hail Columbia when she saw my report card and found out that I was failing three classes.
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hail down

To fall, or to be thrown or ejected, usually in a violent manner. I'd stay away from the corner house right now—that couple's in some sort of fight, and possessions are hailing down from the second floor.
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Very friendly, often obnoxiously or disingenuously so. I don't think George is as nice as he seems—he just strikes me as hail-fellow-well-met.

hail from (some place)

To originate from a particular place. I hail from the Midwest. Where are you from?
See also: hail

give someone Hail Columbia

Inf. to scold someone severely. The teacher gave her students Hail Columbia over their poor test scores. If Miss Ellen finds out I broke her window, she'll give me Hail Columbia for sure!
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hail a cab

 and hail a taxi
to signal to a taxi that you want to be picked up. See if you can hail a cab. I don't want to walk home in the rain.
See also: hail

hail from (some place)

to come from some place as one's hometown or birthplace; to originate in some place. He hails from a small town in the Midwest. Where do you hail from?
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hail someone as something

to praise someone for being something. The active members hailed him as fraternity brother of the year. Sally was hailed as an effective leader.
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Fig. friendly to everyone; falsely friendly to everyone. (Usually said of males.) Yes, he's friendly, sort of hale-fellow-well-met. He's not a very sincere person. Hail-fellow-well-met—you know the type. What a pain he is. Good old Mr. Hail-fellow-well-met. What a phony!

within hailing distance

 and within calling distance; within shouting distance
close enough to hear someone call out. When the boat came within hailing distance, I asked if I could borrow some gasoline. We weren't within shouting distance, so I couldn't hear what you said to me.
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hail from

Come from, originate from, as in He hails from Oklahoma. This term originally referred to the port from which a ship had sailed. [Mid-1800s]
See also: hail

within call

Also, within hail. Near enough to hear a summons, as in Tommy's allowed to play outside but only within call of his mother, or We told them they could hike ahead of us but to stay within hail. The first term was first recorded in 1668, the variant in 1697.
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showing excessive familiarity.
1979 Steven Levenkron The Best Little Girl in the World Harold was accustomed to hail-fellow-well-met salesmen and deferential secretaries and even irate accountants.

hail as

To praise someone for being something: The veterans were hailed as heroes when they marched in the parade.
See also: hail

hail from

To come or originate from some place: My boss hails from Texas. The governor hails from a small rural town.
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hail damage

n. cellulite. Man, look at that hail damage on her hips!
See also: damage, hail

within call

Close enough to come if summoned: The nurse is within call if you need him.
See also: call, within
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