haggle over (something)

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haggle over (something)

To try to reach an agreement with someone, often over a price. The person one is haggling with can be named between "haggle" and "over." You can try to haggle over their prices, but none of the merchants would lower them for me. Sonny, don't try to haggle with me over these prices.
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haggle (with someone) over someone or something

 and haggle with someone (over someone or something)
to argue with someone over someone or something. I don't want to haggle with you over Tom and whose team he's going to be on. Let's not haggle over the price. There is no point in haggling with her.
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haggle over

To bargain or negotiate over something, as an item or a price: The merchant and the buyer haggled over the price of the damaged towels.
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References in classic literature ?
The pleasure of haggling over the price was a sufficiently potent lure to draw Bukawai to the mouth of the cave.
If you go to a dealer armed with the best prices online, haggling over the right price is an easy job.
British supermarket financial organisation Sainsbury's Bank on Monday revealed new research from Sainsbury's Bank Loans which showed that more people are haggling over the cost of cars.
Kop boss Kenny Dalglish wants Enrique and is closing in on a deal - as first revealed by Football Spy in February - with the two clubs haggling over valuations and possible exchange deals.
DRAGONS' DEN tycoon Duncan Bannatyne left his kids redfaced after haggling over a pounds 2 holiday souvenir.
Exactly why he enjoys the cut and thrust of bargaining is something of a mystery as I can't believe it's really worth the trouble to spend 20 minutes haggling over 10 yuan, which works out at less than pounds 1.
SHAUN WRIGHT-PHILLIPS and Carlton Cole are in limbo over their Valentine's Day plans - because they're haggling over the price of tickets to this year's Brit Awards.
It seems that more and more car buyers are indulging in that most un-British of practices - haggling over prices.
BARTERING Britons are saving themselves hundreds of pounds by haggling over car prices, it was revealed today.
Steven Baillie, Car Purchase Manager at Sainsbury's Bank, says: 'Haggling over the price of a brand new car would on average save you pounds 1337.
Haggling over the price could save buyers an average pounds 1,337 on a new car, the bank discovered.
Their haggling over prices, for example, is as much about the preservation of "respect"--feeling that no one "got over" on them--as about the money.
After months of haggling over financial details, representatives of the 19 member nations of the European Laboratory for Particle Physics (CERN) have finally approved construction of the Large Hadron Collider (LHC).
I am writing regarding your article (`Row over taxi fare haggling,ECHO, March 19)concerningcustomers haggling over taxi fares.
Ludicrous as this conversation sounds today, there was a time in Ireland when haggling over the price of goods was simply the way business was done.