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haggle about something

to bargain or negotiate about something. They are always willing to haggle about the price, so don't take the first price you're given. I wish you wouldn't try to haggle about everything when we shop.
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haggle (with someone) over someone or something

 and haggle with someone (over someone or something)
to argue with someone over someone or something. I don't want to haggle with you over Tom and whose team he's going to be on. Let's not haggle over the price. There is no point in haggling with her.
See also: haggle, over

haggle over

To bargain or negotiate over something, as an item or a price: The merchant and the buyer haggled over the price of the damaged towels.
See also: haggle, over
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As he says: ``If businesses want your money, they should be prepared to haggle.
But of course, it's not just in the high street that you can haggle these days.
The site, which offers real-time online haggling, has received many requests from visitors to have Chester haggle off products for them.
Hunting down a low price is like a sport, and if one has to haggle to get a great deal, so much the better.
com, a leading Internet retailer of computer systems, have partnered to offer consumers the chance to haggle for their computing needs.
TV consumer expert Dominic Littlewood haggles whenever the right opportunity arises.
Don't try to save pennies and don't haggle over food in the supermarket," says Dominic, star of BBC1's Don't Get Done, Get Dom.