haggle over

haggle over (something)

To try to reach an agreement with someone, often over a price. The person one is haggling with can be named between "haggle" and "over." You can try to haggle over their prices, but none of the merchants would lower them for me. Sonny, don't try to haggle with me over these prices.
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haggle (with someone) over someone or something

 and haggle with someone (over someone or something)
to argue with someone over someone or something. I don't want to haggle with you over Tom and whose team he's going to be on. Let's not haggle over the price. There is no point in haggling with her.
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haggle over

To bargain or negotiate over something, as an item or a price: The merchant and the buyer haggled over the price of the damaged towels.
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References in classic literature ?
That's Ryabinin's way of doing business; he doesn't haggle over every half-penny," he added, scowling and waving the pocketbook.
More than a third of used car buyers (38%) do not haggle over the price, a new survey suggests.
83% OF CAR BUYERS 'PLAN TO HAGGLE' MORE than eight in 10 (83%) people intending to buy a car will haggle over its price, aiming to get an average price reduction of 12%, a survey has found.
Head of banking at Sainsbury's Bank Simon Ranson said "It's encouraging that Britons appear to have become increasingly prepared to haggle over the past five years, but it's not just on the forecourt where they can get a good deal through a little bit of negotiation.
The recession has led to a rise in the number of shopkeepers willing to let bargain hunters haggle over the price of goods, a study claimed today.
THE recession has led to a rise in the number of shopkeepers willing to let people haggle over prices, a study claimed yesterday.
"Don't try to save pennies and don't haggle over food in the supermarket," says Dominic, star of BBC1's Don't Get Done, Get Dom.
Car buyers who find it too much of a hassle to haggle over prices could be missing out on pounds 286 million of savings, it was revealed yesterday.
Denis McGrath of the Minneapolis archdiocese claims, "If you are brought up Catholic and you believe this is the body of blood of our Lord, this is not something you haggle over and break into pieces." Our church leaders and the hierarchy are the problem; the Eucharist and each of us as the body of Christ is not.
There are two golden rules: Shop around before signing up for finance - and be prepared to haggle over the car's price.
Many owners would rather move to the next tenant in line rather than spend the time and money to haggle over clauses.
The book simply and directly explains how to decide whether a lawyer is necessary, how to find a lawyer, how to comparison shop and negotiate, how to haggle over bills, and how to dismiss, sue, or discipline your lawyer should things go badly.
I hope the club are not going to drag their heels over transfers and haggle over every deal, they need to act quickly.
Motorists are missing out on new-car bargains because they are not happy to haggle over price.