have the whip hand

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have the whip hand

To have the most power or influence in a particular situation or setting. As the editor in chief, I have the whip hand and give final approval for the layout of every issue—remember that.
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have the whip hand


hold the whip hand

If you have the whip hand or hold the whip hand in a situation, you have more power than the other people involved, and so you have an advantage or control over them. Consumers will be in the unusual position of having the whip hand over the agents. As the Democrats have majorities in both Houses and therefore control the relevant committees, they now seem to hold the whip hand.
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get, have, hold, etc. the ˈwhip hand (over somebody)

have power or control (over somebody): The government knows that the army have the whip hand.Our opponents had the whip hand over us right from the beginning.
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Former champions Hemlington and Stockton Buffs have both struggled this season but this time it was Hemlington who had the whip hand as they rekindled their rivalry, winning 25-15 to boost their bragging rights.
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