have (something) off pat

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have (something) off pat

To learn, master, or understand something perfectly, to the point of requiring little or no focus to do, recall, or accomplish it. I know it's a little tricky getting the hang of the machine, but keep at it, and you'll have it off pat in no time. My sister is such a musical prodigy that she can have a song off pat after listening to it only once or twice.
See also: have, off, pat

have something off (or down) pat

have something memorized perfectly.
See also: have, off, pat, something

have/know/get something off ˈpat

(British English) (American English have/know something down ˈpat) know or have learned something so well that you can repeat it at any time: I’m afraid I haven’t got the answer off pat.She has all our names and cellphone numbers down pat.
See also: get, have, know, off, pat, something