had it coming

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had it coming

Deserved it, often due to one's poor or foolish behavior. The phrase is used when one is unsympathetic to someone who has suffered a hardship. I'm not surprised to hear that Amy broke up with Jack—he was always so rude to her that he definitely he had it coming.
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have (something) coming

To deserve a particular consequence or benefit. A: "Why did you fight with that kid in the school yard?" B: "Because he's a bully to everyone else! He had it coming." You had this raise coming for a long time, with all the work you've done for our department.
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have it/that ˈcoming (to you)

(informal) be about to experience something unpleasant, especially if you deserve it: He’s got a shock coming to him when he takes the exams and sees how difficult they are.He thinks he can break all the rules; but, believe me, he’s got it coming to him one day.
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