have butterflies in (one's) stomach

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have butterflies in (one's) stomach

To have a feeling of nervousness, often before a performance or undertaking of some kind. I almost didn't go on stage and perform tonight because I had butterflies in my stomach.
See also: butterfly, have, stomach

have butterflies in your stomach

have a queasy feeling because you are nervous. informal
See also: butterfly, have, stomach

get/have ˈbutterflies (in your stomach)

(informal) get/have a nervous feeling in your stomach before doing something: I always get butterflies (in my stomach) before an interview.
See also: butterfly, get, have
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The Irish winger admitted that he had butterflies in his stomach beforehand as he contemplated lining out alongside Brian O'Driscoll at inside centre rather than on the touchline.
No-one dared ask if he too had butterflies in his stomach after such a telling defeat.