have a thick skin

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have a thick skin

1. To have the ability to ignore verbal attacks or criticism from others. If you're going to pursue a career in politics, you need to have a thick skin so that the criticism of your detractors doesn't bother you.
2. To be unaware of or indifferent to other people's needs or interests. Ethel has a thick skin, so I'm not surprised she didn't see how unhappy you were.
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have a thick (or thin) skin

be insensitive (or oversensitive) to criticism or insults.
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have a thick skin

1. To be slow to take offense.
2. To be insensitive to the needs or concerns of others.
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thick skin, to have a

To be insensitive to shame, reproof, slander, or criticism. The transfer of a tough epidermis to mental toughness is ancient, appearing in the writings of the Roman orator Cicero, among others. Carlyle wrote in Frederick the Great (1858), “Voltaire was a fool not to have thicker skin.” The opposite is meant by having a thin skin—that is, being hypersensitive to reproof or criticism, or being easily hurt. This usage dates from the late 1600s.
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