hacked off

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hack off

1. To cut something off, often with clumsy strokes or stabs. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hack" and "off." That's it—I'm going out and hacking off the part of the bush that's blocking the driveway!
2. To irritate or annoy someone. Primarily heard in the UK. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hack" and "off." He keeps undermining me to the boss, and it's really hacking me off.
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hacked (off)

mod. angry; annoyed. Willy was really hacked off about the accident.
See also: hack, off
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The Hacked Off campaign, was beginning to gain momentum and I added my voice to those speaking out against press intrusion into private lives.
Controversially, it emerged yesterday that representatives of Hacked Off were present at the talks in Mr Miliband's Commons office.
Campaign group Hacked Off has decribed the Conservatives' draft Royal Charter on press regulation as "unacceptable".
A pregnant elephant was also poached and found in the Siana area on Friday, with the tusks hacked off, the second one was found yesterday in the same area, another lactating female, tusks gone.
During a private meeting in Birmingham with the Prime Minister he told Charlotte Church, former police officer and Crimewatch presenter Jacqui Hames and Hacked Off chairman Brian Cathcart, that he was open minded on regulation and that as long as the Leveson Inquiry produced sensible recommendations he was likely to act on them.
Moore, of the Hacked Off campaign, says he wants "transparency" in the press and a change in the culture of tabloid newsrooms to one that "doesn't encourage hacking.
The Slumdog Millionaire director's new film 127 Hours is based on the true story of mountain climber Aron Ralston, who hacked off his own arm with a penknife after it became trapped under a rock, leaving him stranded in a Utah canyon for five days.
Adam Webster came the closest of anyone on either side to breaking the deadlock, but his 70th minute effort was hacked off the line by Graeme Law.
If I, or anyone I knew, had been locked up since the July 7 bombings, lost everything - job, family, home - then been cleared of the charges, I think I'd be pretty hacked off.
THE HAGUE: A 'blood diamond' expert and an account from a Sierra Leonean miner who said laughing rebels hacked off his hands and burned his family, opened the war crimes trial against Liberia's Charles Taylor yesterday.
This poor pooch has had a miserable start in life after having her ears hacked off in a sickening attack.
But if that number were to get hacked off that server or stolen then it would not be good at any other merchant.
So contracts are cancelled, agents are put on hold, and Grace's long blond locks are hacked off and dyed red.
I KNOW we're all pulling together in these threatening times, but I get hacked off at Blair still in denial that the war in Iraq had anything to do with the London bombings.
The day of the crime, though, he got cold hands--so to speak--but his brothers didn't; they forcibly held him down and hacked off his finger.