hacked off

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hack off

1. To cut something off, often with clumsy strokes or stabs. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hack" and "off." That's it—I'm going out and hacking off the part of the bush that's blocking the driveway!
2. To irritate or annoy someone. Primarily heard in the UK. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hack" and "off." He keeps undermining me to the boss, and it's really hacking me off.
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hacked off

slang Irritated or annoyed. I'm really hacked off about his constant attempts to undermine me to the boss.
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hacked (off)

mod. angry; annoyed. Willy was really hacked off about the accident.
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Last but by no means least, everyone's fave scream queen, Dawna Lee Heising (Deadly Revisions) will appear in both Happy Ending and GRIZZLED, the lovely Phedra Syndelle (Welcome to Compton) will grace the Hacked Off! and Happy Ending screens, and the wonderful Jamie Bernadette (Axeman at Cutter's Creek) will be seen in GRIZZLED!
Plans for a Royal Charter to oversee a new press watchdog, in the wake of the phone hacking scandal, do not fulfill Lord Leveson's recommendations according to Evan Harris of Hacked Off.
Martin Moore of Hacked Off said: "I have heard that regulation is not a Conservative cause.
Moore, of the Hacked Off campaign, says he wants "transparency" in the press and a change in the culture of tabloid newsrooms to one that "doesn't encourage hacking."
The vet was of the opinion that the ears had been hacked off.
Alsop sent another header over in the 72nd minute and sub Marvin Brown brought the best out of Miskelly late on, but in between Wijnhard's effort was hacked off the line by Victory.
``I'm hacked off with the lot of them and I wouldn't be surprised if you were, too.''
A WOMAN has spoken of her horror after finding a puppy skinned alive with its legs hacked off.
PRESS law campaign group Hacked Off is urging the chairman of the Commons Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee to recall Rupert Murdoch after the News Corp boss was recorded telling journalists he regretted the level of co-operation over phone hacking and illegal payments.
Now we are asked to accept him as the saviour of our human rights, as one of the leading spokesmen of a selfimportant lobby group called "Hacked Off."
The campaigning group Hacked Off said using a Royal Charter to back the new watchdog was the "second best" option, but it believes the regulator will be "genuinely independent" under the measures announced yesterday.
Following a meeting with the Culture Secretary and Cabinet Office minister Oliver Letwin yesterday morning, campaign group Hacked Off said that they understood she was planning two pieces of legislation to underpin a new "verifying body" established under Royal Charter to monitor the operation of a new press watchdog.
Grant has been a high-profile critic of invasions of privacy by the press and last month became a director of a new not-for-profit company set up by Hacked Off, the campaign group.
The Hacked Off event will feature Tom Watson, the Labour MP leading the criticism of Rupert Murdoch and News International.
Grant, 50, is part of the Hacked Off campaign set up by the Media standards trust after the News of the World hacking scandal.