hack off

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hack off

1. To cut something off, often with clumsy strokes or stabs. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hack" and "off." That's it—I'm going out and hacking off the part of the bush that's blocking the driveway!
2. To irritate or annoy someone. Primarily heard in the UK. A noun or pronoun can be used between "hack" and "off." He keeps undermining me to the boss, and it's really hacking me off.
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hacked off

slang Irritated or annoyed. I'm really hacked off about his constant attempts to undermine me to the boss.
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hack something off

to chop something off. I need to get up that tree and hack that big branch off before it bangs on the house. Please hack off that big branch.
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hack off

1. To cut something off, usually with rough or heavy blows: The gardener hacked off the branch with a machete. We hacked the old shingles off the side of the house.
2. Chiefly British To annoy someone: That attitude really hacks me off. The drunken celebrity really hacked off the entertainment reporter.
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hacked (off)

mod. angry; annoyed. Willy was really hacked off about the accident.
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Rescuers believe they hack off the ears to remove tattoos which would identify them.
Jacqueline Flemming, 41, also vowed to hack off Tanya Lambert's hair before being restrained.
A MUM came home to find her son, niece and nephew dead after a brutal killer tried to hack off their heads.
Did she have to hack off all her lovely blonde locks?
Jarrod of New Market, Minnesota, only saved himself by using a piece of metal to hack off the mangled arm.